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Saint Bean
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Known forCreating The Hole
TitleSaint of The Hole Under the Sun

Saint Bean first appeared in Alathra in August 2021. He is known for being Saint of The Hole Under the Sun.


Early Life

Not much is known of Saint Bean's early life. There is no known record of his life prior to August 2021 when he allegedly fell from the sky, landing in Alathra's spawn.

Founding of The Hole

Prior to founding The Hole, Saint Bean wandered the lands of Alathra, traveling to each of the continents before descending into a long rest. In February 2022 Saint Bean awoke and traveled to Gaushan. There, in the desert, he began construction of The Hole. Soon after construction started, Arctan1 took notice of The Hole and named it an official religious site of Stahlfaust with consent from Saint Bean. Saint Bean continues construction of The Hole to this day.

Ascension to Nobility

After founding The Hole, Saint Bean quickly began to garner followers. Arctan1 took notice of the The Hole's growing following thanks to Saint Bean and appointed him as nobility, granted him a seat on the Stahlfaust council of nobles, and assigned him as a member of Stahlfaust military high command.

Second Stahlfaust vs. Ironhill War

During the Second Stahlfaust vs. Ironhill War, Saint Bean helped plan the defense of Arctanis and siege of Ironcity. He marched with Stahlfaust troops during both the siege of Ironcity and Snowport, though both sieges were won with little combat.

Saint Bean defended Arctanis during the siege of Arctanis, repelling enemies from the capitol city as well as several nearby Stahlfaustian towns. During this mass siege, he fought on a forward fighting squad who used elytra's to rapidly reposition between the several sieges. However, only Arctanis was successfully defended come the end of the sieges.

Soon after the conclusion of the siege of Arctanis, Saint Bean made haste to The Hole in an attempt to keep it from falling to the invaders laying siege. There, Saint Bean and Dr. Arzt attempted to repel the attackers, but were unsuccessful.

Life Within Elyria

With Elyria annexing Stahlfaust subsequent to the Second Stahlfaust vs. Ironhill War, Saint Bean briefly became a citizen of Elyria. During this time, he grew relationships within Elyria's government, most notably with Keyral, the then king of Elyria, and Quickscout, the since departed mayor of Koess. Saint Bean helped the Elyrian's defend Ehrenhal, the capitol of Elyria, during the Artorias siege on the city. In the peace following this war, he was named a member of the Red Guard (a group of fighters dedicated to protecting the king) and created infrastructure as part of an Elyrian roadbuilding initiative. When Stahlfaust declared independence from Elyria, he chose to leave Elyria with the rest of Stahlfaust and forfeited his membership on the Red Guard, but still maintains good relations with the Elyrians.

The Hole Under the Sun

Following an alleged agreement between the bedrock and Aik, two deities in The Hole Under the Sun faith, Saint Bean and Arctan1 agreed to merge their respective churches of The Hole and Aik into a singular church known as The Hole Under the Sun. As a result of this merge, Arctan1 entrusted Saint Bean with the future of Stahlfaust by naming Saint Bean his successor.

Krosston vs. Meloncrest War

Saint Bean fought in both the siege of Dalleton and the siege of Meloncrest on the side of Krosston during the Krosston vs. Meloncrest war. After briefly fighting in a sneak attack on Dalleton, he seperated from the main Stahlfaust/ Krosston force to help lay siege to Meloncrest as part of a small unit. There, he managed to keep occupation of Meloncrest's homeblock until reinforcements arrived, ultimately resulting in Krosston victory.


Saint of The Hole Under the Sun

Saint Bean is the primary leader of The Hole Under the Sun. He allegedly communicates with the bedrock and translates its desires to The Hole Under the Sun followers and the wider peoples of Alathra.


Saint Bean is a member of the Stahlfaust council of nobles. As a member of the council, he partakes in legislative duties and serves as direct advisor to Arctan1.


Saint Bean is a member of the Stahlfaust military high command. He played both a strategic and combat role in the Second Stahlfaust vs. Ironhill War and the Krosston vs. Meloncrest War. He also played a strategic role in the Krosston vs. Itar War and the Krosston vs. Oakland war.

Arctan1's Successor

Saint Bean is Arctan1's chosen successor of Stahlfaust as of July 2022 when the church of The Hole and the church of Aik merged to form The Hole Under the Sun. Should Arctan1 perish, Saint Bean will immediately become Kaiser of Stahlfaust.


Saint Bean is the primary creator of the religious movement previously known as The Hole, now The Hole Under the Sun. He has dedicated his life to The Hole Under the Sun and serving The Hole Under the Sun is his core tenet.