Tal, Lowly of Dalleton

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Tal, Lowly of Dalleton
Portrait of Tal
OccupationFiguring it out
Known forConstruction of the Dalleton Library and curation of various religious texts

Tal, one of the Three Lowly of the Faithlow of Dallet, is the founder of the town of Dalletosh. He is known as one of the original founders of Dalleton, as well as the curator of the Library of Dallet. After the death of his mentor and friend, Busterbean, Tal spent time alone in the Prospitian woods, pondering his future and his relationship with his god, Dallet. After much introspection, Tal founded Dalletosh, a port town on the west coast of Prospit. He hopes, one day, that the small town will grow into a hub of trade and culture for Prospit. Tal is played by GimmeYourTots, who joined the server on August 19th, 2021.


Early Life

Tal was born in the forests of Prospit, the only child to a lowly family. His parents, poor and destitute, raised him on the banks of the river north of Dalleton. They practiced no particular religion, so naturally neither did Tal. His hometown had no name and was barely more than a collection of huts, but Tal grew to love it all the same. He was always a swift learner, becoming adept in survival tactics, excelling in fishing, and reading anything he could get his hands on from a young age. Building came second nature to him, and as he grew he quickly helped his village do the same, rebuilding decrepit homes and passing on knowledge to his neighbors. Tal was always stern and unwavering in his convictions, traits that carried on into his adult life. He believed that those closest to him, family and friends, were to be given the utmost importance. He abhorred war and anything like unto it, and vowed to never participate in one that was not in defense of his home.

His parents passed quietly, and as was the tradition in their tiny village, Tal buried them with his own hands on the banks of the river at which they raised him.

Connection to the Faithlow of Dallet

As the peoples of Prospit began to arise from their relative obscurity, Tal found himself drawn to a man lowly like unto himself. Busterbean, the self-proclaimed Low Angler of Dallet, began gathering followers. He preached a strange but resonant doctrine, one of humility yet strength in lowliness. He taught that Dallet, the God of all things, rewarded the lowly with an eternal place in his Hallowed Depths. Tal, having been raised in an exceedingly small village, naturally was drawn towards this doctrine, especially as preached by this charismatic yet humble man. Among the first to join Busterbean's group, the Faithlow of Dallet, was Tal. He entered Bean's tutelage and learned under his wing for many years. The traits cultivated in his youth allowed him to swiftly become well-versed in the doctrine in the Faithlow and help others follow the Wisdom of the Deep. From the moment he joined Busterbean, Tal dedicated his life to the building up of the Faithlow. He is considered one of the Three Lowly, leaders of the Faithlow and second only to the Low Angler.

Library of Dallet

After seeking out and receiving the religious texts of many towns of Prospit, Tal, ever the eager learner, decided to chronicle them in a library dedicated to the seeking out of all forms of knowledge. He decided to construct the Library of Dallet in a way that would be conducive to individual learning. The project took him years to complete, but was a labor of love, and it shows in both its design and what it contains. Tal developed hard callouses on his hands from the countless hours of cutting wood and glasswork.

With its study areas and vast collections of books, the Library of Dallet is a place of refuge for Tal and many other Dalletonians. Tal himself has spent countless hours engrossed in the Tributary, studying the Wisdom of the Deep as well as other religious texts. A passion project of Tal's, the library is open to all who diligently seek to know more about the Faithlow of Dallet or any other topic, or to contribute to the knowledge base. The library is located on the southeast portion of Dalleton, to the east of the palace building.

The Prospitian Revolution

Death of Busterbean and Aftermath

After the Dalleton-Acquendavia conflict, Busterbean passed away quietly in the Dalleton inn. His death sent a shockwave through Dalleton, and panic began to set in with those Dalletonians that had been so accustomed to Busterbean's calming presence. Tal, one of said distraught Dalletonians, had lost his mentor and oldest friend. He knew not where to turn. The other two of the Three Lowly, though sympathetic and clearly upset at the death of their leader, did not seem to have had the same emotional connection to Busterbean that Tal had had. Dalleton, full of discord and confusion, no longer felt like the haven of humility and peace that Tal had seen it be the years past. He decided that he needed some time alone to think about what he would do with his time, his title as one of the Three Lowly, and his friends.

Tal Alone

After the death of his beloved friend and mentor, Busterbean, Tal sought out a place of refuge west of Dalleton, where he resided in deep thought about not only his future, but that of the Faithlow as a whole. Discord permeated his mind, and the Wisdom of the Deep seemed to be insufficient for what he truly needed. He sought out pace and tranquility, and found that, at least in that moment, they could only be found through solace. Tal constructed a small house in the woods; nothing fancy or intricate, but sufficient for his needs.

He spent most of his days alone on a self-constructed dock, fishing. He credits Dallet for the peace he found on that little dock, in that little pond, in the woods west of Dalleton. He waited there, pondering his place in the world, for a few years. Eventually, however, Tal missed those with whom he used to spend time in Dalleton: his friends Remora, Clomby, Pesci, and more.

Founding of Dalletosh


Tal is one the Three Lowly of The Faithlow of Dallet. He practices the Wisdom of the Deep to its fullest extent and preaches it at all times.