The Arith Empire

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The Arith Empire was founded on September the 6th of the Second Age (2021), before falling later that year. It stood (allegedly) for freedom of choice, and flexibility in permitting towns to settle within its territory without interference. The empire, at its greatest extent, occupied a total of three towns: The Emperial Capital (capital), Invictus, and Horopous. The Empire was ruled by Emperor Emmic2006, administered by Archduke S1nx, and governed provincially by Lord Draconius of Invictus, and Lord Irregular Pumpkin of Horopous. Notable Denizens: Officer EclipsaWolfie, KaleHero.


This banner Represents The Empire, all Emperial Soldiers use this banner on their shields to identify they are apart of The Arith Empire. also Easier to tell who is who in battle.
The Emperial Banner.

Following the founding of the Empire, around which time the Emperial Capital had "level 30 enchanting and potion stuff", the people of Dalleton came seeking aid in their situation with the Acquendavian lords, who had grown an even stronger taste for power as of late. The Acquendavian's under King Grandpa_boob struck the Dalletonians with terms too cruel to ignore; to join Acquendavia, or meet them on the battlefield. Emperor Emmic agreed to fund their resistants of Acquendavian rule in resources alone, refusing to get involved directly. The Prospit Organized Resistance Army was founded in the next few days, an assembly of nations, The Empire being one of them. On the following day, Emperor Emmic met with and negotiated a land deal from the F.O.A. (Federation of Arith); the signing of an agreement and the purchase of land surrounding the Emperial Capital. Later that same day, Emperor Emmic met with King Megadalon of the Manchester Empire before befriending him and allying said nation.

The Arith Empire fell for no reason in particular, but quoting Lord Draconius of Invictus: "I left after realizing flaws in its government, such as the government itself." The Arith Empire leaves behind a legacy that will last so long as its stone might hold against Arithian weather.


Emperor Emmic has since stated that though in common English the correct wording would be "The Imperial Capital" or "The Imperial Banner", he had decided against these titles, considering that the name of his nation was "The Empire", not "The Impire." Though this might seem ludicrous to any person with a fundemental understanding of the English language, it is understandable for him in branding the empire in the way that he did.