The Bloodbath of Coldfront

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The Bloodbath of Coldfront was a battle of giant proportions in which 3 men defied the gods will, beating waves after waves of their minions. The damage was severe, Coldfront suffering sever infrastructural damage, Username_DjM8 (me ;) ) dying multiple times and the worst of all, the Gods confiscated the hilt of the Blessed Dagger.

The Following recollection of the Events are from the perspective of Username_DjM8, one of the civilians in Coldfront.

The Town Center where most of the fighting took place

Stage 0: The Humble Beginning

It was a normal day in Coldfront, Plato was testing weapons of mass destruction in his basement and Username was still settling in. Soon, however I was called in Plato's basement, where he showed me artifacts lost to time, which he bought from the Black Market with Mann. CO. funds. But the Gods noticed. Killer bunnies were showing from time to time, Plato's heads were flying everywhere and weird grey particles appeared anywhere they went. Twyst was visiting the town when he heard of the unusual occurrences and came straight to Plato's house. Plato and Username left the basement and went in Plato's room where they hid, until they heard voices.

Stage 1: "The Ballroom Blitz"

Username traced the voices to be under the floorboards and so returned to the basement, while Plato was searching the outside of his house. Approaching the basement door, the door was blasted open by a creeper, Username barely dodging the door as it flew into the iceberg right in front of it. The explosion attracted Plato's attention, who managed to meet with Twyst, so they came down to the basement. The 3 men entered and they fought a crypt-like hell. Arrows flying everywhere, Illusioner illusions everywhere and nether skeletons running around hitting anyone they found. Twist and Plato hacked and slashed anything they saw, if they saw something, as the basement was pretty dark. Soon, the basement was cleared and the situation calmed. But that was the beginning.

Intermission 1: "Kickstart my heart"

Plato, Twyst and Username hunkered down in a special "No Gods/Admins Room", where Plato cursed the gods, and prepped the men for the coming fight. After the speech was over, they got outside, where the sky was now grey and a storm had begun. Plato taunted the gods, asking them to give him their all. And so waves of minions begun to emerge.

Stage 2: "Through the Fire and the Flames"

From every nook and cranny giants, zombies, op drowned and charged creepers appeared. From street to street the men fought. Username distracting the giants and Plato and Twyst tearing them to pieces. Phantoms were diving down from the skies as the men ate arrows, tore zombies apart and had target practice on ghasts. The waves started coming and they didn't stop coming, the god's minions hit the ground running, didn't make sense to give up, your blade goes dull and your heart goes numb. The first waves concluded in a fight against 3 withers, Plato and Twyst making short work of them. And so another calm came.

God sighting during the fight

Intermission 2 part 1/2: "Paranoid"

The men, retreated to the city center, seeing that a fight in the streets was not very feasible. Twyst sat down, Plato screamed at the Gods to show themselves and fight, and Username tried to catch his breath. When Plato sensed that there was traitor among them, an Impostor perhaps, a pretender, if you will, a person who was acting sus, if you may, he pulled his sword alerting Twyst and Username of the happening. Username tried to calm him down, when right next to him a bomb appeared. Plato and Twyst ran as far as they could, but Username had another idea. He begun destroying the bomb, and as nothing was happening, he screamed: "I think I've defus-" KABOOOOOOOOM. The Bomb exploded, throwing Username in a nearby building.

Intermission 2 part 2/2: "Smells like Teen Spirit"

After the explosion, the men reconvened in the center and decided to spawn the Gods to their position again, to show them that they were ready. Plato put on "Smells like Teen Spirit" on a jukebox, Twyst sat down again in his place and Username moved slowly to his original location. The men threw a nether star each on the jukebox and waited. Plato, looked defiantly everywhere, hoping to see one small sign that the gods were there, for everyone knew, they were watching. Twyst sat down and waited patiently for what was next, and Username enjoyed the song. Soon, however, the uneasy peace was broken.

Stage 3: "Highway to Hell"

From the water emerged op drowned, from around the corners of the nearby buildings popped Ravagers, some of them shooting fireballs. Elder Guardians were apearing from thin air and even. Plato was going berserk on the drowned and Elder Guardians in the hole under Coldfront, as Twyst was eradicating the ravagers and Username was taking potshots at the phantoms, which were generally annoying everyone. Soon illusioners, evokers and hexes appeared attacking the trio. The fight started becoming one of attrition, between the unrelenting gods and Plato's glory-seeking tendencies. This stage was concluded with a wave of giants on the beats of "All Star". The men yet again proved themselves as worthy.

One of the Withers who found its end in Coldfront

Intermission 3: "To Hell and Back"

As the men turned to the jukebox, Plato gave the men each a bottle of wine, he and Username drinking it on the spot and throwing the bottles in the snow. Until now we haven't discussed the destruction that Coldfront was subjected to. Walls blown out, craters and holes in the streets and not only, the blood didn't have time to dry as another layer was added as another wave came. The once white land, it new was crimson red. Windows were broken, bodies of illigers and zombies were pilled everywhere and carcasses of withers littered the ground. They went to hell and came back, against all odds. Username, had no helmet and no boots as they broke in the fighting. His armor was the best that Cresvlits had at one point, but compared to that of Plato or Twyst it was no match. As chaos and everything calmed down, the last stage begun.

Stage 4 part 1/2: "The Finale"

The first waves were light, invisible endermen, strays in armors and a giant column of Illusioners. But this was only to keep the men on their tip toes.

Stage 4 part 2/2: "The Last Stand"

The real storm finally came. A wave of withers hit the men like crazy, them being everywhere. Plato was tearing each one he could get his hands on, while Twyst was using Username as bait. Quickly the battle returned on the empty streets as the men resorted to bringing the withers in narrow spaces to kill them. Soon, however, as the battle raged on, they returned to the center, as the sweet melody of "Bergentrückung" was blaring in the background, and soon only one Wither remained.

The Wither flew in the sky and Plato gave chase. They soon arrived above the clouds, the last barrier between them and the stars. Plato begun his attack, flying around the foul beast and attacking everywhere he could. The Wither attempted to fight against the maddened man, but he just couldn't. Punches were flying everywhere as Plato was cracking each bone in the Wither. The Wither, with the last of its powers, screeched and Plato delivered an uppercut, splitting the middle skull in half, the screech being heard even in the heavens above.

As Plato descended, the Storm dissipated. And so the Battle against the Gods ended.

The Last sighting of the Hilt

The End and It's results

An interesting fight, sparked from Plato owning 2 pieces of the blessed dagger, the fight concluded with the gods retreating, as their armies were defeated by a squad made out of "The Legate", "The Bunger King" and a mid-tier politician.

The Humans losses and winnings assessed

The definitive winners of the battle, they still lost a lot. Massive damage to Coldfronts infrastructure was dealt, but perhaps one of the biggest losses was the "Hilt of The Blessed Dagger", a priceless artifact, it being taken away by the Gods. Still the fight found itself being very profitable for the Humans. Totems, diamonds and nether stars were acquired by the men, them dropping from the foul beasts they fought against. But their biggest win was that they managed to defeat the gods at their own game. Against all odds they stood their ground, defiantly taunting them from time to time. During the fight, Plato used Icyrus's Blade it proving extremely effective.

The Gods losses and winnings assessed

Having lost the battle against some mere humans was a complete blunder on the side of the Gods. At one point smiting the men in an attempt to stop their mockery of them, the men dodged the lighting strikes miraculously. They managed to get one the pieces of the Blessed Dagger back, but in the rest, they were humiliated and lost tens of thousands of minions during this fight.


The Batlle, marked by how the men stood their ground, took ~3-4 irl hours, the men getting 10 min respites in between stages. This battle also showed the power that Plato held, the experience that Twyst acquired over the years and Username's skill issue when it came to combat. Many say that, the real prize the men got was the fact they could live another day, to tell the story