The Great Kitten War

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The Great Kitten War, also called the First Great Kitten War or the Third Great War, was a conflict between the nation of Kittentopia and the AKC.


Kittentopia was birthed out of hatred for the Church of John, a major theocratic state that operated nearby. When the Kittenist leaders of the nation began to persecute and massacre the Johnactualists within their borders, especially in the capitol city of Kittenberg, many nations throughout the world rebuked Kittentopia's violations of human rights. Soon, the AKC, or Anti-Kitten Coalition, was formed. The Coalition is primarily led by the highest-ranking leaders of the Johnactualist Faith, though any leader of any nation in the AKC can contribute to the decision-making process. The war was just about to commence when divine intervention caused many nations to pull out*. Now, the war is back on and the tensions are higher then ever, with many nations preparing for world war. The war eventually ended when Johnactualist forces surrendered to the Kittens after many AKC nations pulled out and a treaty was signed, with the Kittens deciding to end their persecution of Johnists.

*the mods cancelled the war to help test new battle mechanics