The State of Cresvlits

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The State of Cresvlits
Banner Coat of arms
Motto: "Onoreaza Renascut!"
The borders as of 13.8.2022
The borders as of 13.8.2022
The borders as of 13.8.2022
CapitalCresvlits (City)
Demonym Cresvlitsae
Type Semi-Autonomous Pseudo-Monarchy
 •  Count of Cresvlits Gheorghe Popescu
 •  Upper house The Arcadian Chamber
 •  Lower house The Cresvlitsae Local Chamber

The State of Cresvlits, first founded in late November of 2021, is a nation in the east of Prospit, bordering Sakan'to. Its a semi-autonomous region in the Arcadian Altanate that practices a pseudo-monarchist system split between the local Count of Cresvlits and the Altan of Arcadia.


The nation is made up from a contingent of a once existing nation, Voievodat Zeleniae, much more eastward. It is unknown why but Zelenia, as the people called it, collapsed and the remnants of the government migrated to Cresvlits, back then still a barren field. The capital is built on the springs of two rivers, now named "The Donslau" and "The Serafik".

The Donslau and The Serafik

The story goes as follows: There was once a man with special water bearing abilities within the migrating forces of the Voievodat. His name wasn't know even by the Voievode at that time, Petru the IVth, however he had two sons. The name of his two sons were Donslau and Serafik. On their way to the fields where Cresvlits now resides, the stopped in a village. The villagers, schemed and at night they attacked the resting column. The waterbearer moved with his canister on his shoulder from wounded soldier to wounded soldier, saving lives. He saved many but not his sons. Donslau was first injured and asked for help from an enemy villager believing they were his father. The villager saw Donslau and ended his life. Serafik died trying to save the valuables that they had brought with them. He was unfortunately pierced by a arrow through his heart. After the battle, their father was told he had just lost his two sons, and with sadness and pain he moved on. He would find his end, right in the middle of Cresvlits and when he fell down, his canister split in two, the two pieces becoming the springs of two rivers, them later being named "The Donslau" and "The Serafik".


The Kingdom of Cresvlits is a semi-constitutional monarchy, ruled by a King, who comes to power either by succession (the successor being chosen), or by vote. He is the Head of the executive while also being the head of the legislative. The legislative is share between them and the Donslau Meeting.

The Donslau Meeting

The Donslau meeting existed during "The Voievodat" years, however it never saw wide use. With the Council removed, The Donslau meeting is the single one remaining who can exercise power. This eases bureaucracy while also help decentralize the government, hoping to democratize the socialist nation.

The Donslau meeting is made up of one representative from all provinces, those being Counts. How they come to power depends on province, some being republics and some monarchs.

The Cresvlits Crisis

Super Event for the Crisis
Super Event for the declaration of the Kingdom of Cresvlits

On the 7st of January 2022, following the dissolution of the Prospit Entente, Cresvlits declared a period of "Splendid Isolation". Soon however, tragedy would struck. Joachim the Ist would be assassinated by an undisclosed assassin. This would trigger an entire Leadership Crisis, due to his heir refusing to lead the nation. The Crisis lasted for a day but had deep affects on the region and on how Cresvlits operated, soon finding itself with a new Voievode Leuvis the Ist Kreiger.

All events were documented by an 4 hourly basis here.

The Battle of Cresvlits

Following the clash between the 2 sides, The Army of Cresvlits and The Socialist Army, the Socialist army collapses and is dispersed in the countryside, many being captured. The Leader of the Socialists, Reikard Yurinkov, is killed in the retreat. However the Army of Cresvlits suffers great casualties as well, the fields now being red and filled to the brim with bodies. The official tally rounds at about 20k deaths on both sides.


The Voievodat suffered a massive demographic hit from many refugees fleeing the nation avoiding the fighting, the refugees forming the nation of Constantzalae.

Politically, a type of shadow triumvirate was formed. The head was Leuvis with "The Absolute" and "The Fat Man" being seconds each experts in their fields.

Internationally, Cresvlits changed it policy against socialism, now calling it a threat, different than Joachim who used to be cordial with the socialists. This also could be the after effects of a world wide revolution of socialism, many nations becoming socialist from the results of violent takeovers.

The Ascension

Following the end of the Crisis and the stabilization of the nation, with many of its people having migrated southwards, Leuvis begins their integration. He sees an opportunity to finally implement the never used "Provincial System", but the Voievodat had to go. After all the green lights were lit, Leuvis the Ist, crowned himself as king of Cresvlits, the city of Cresvlits getting renamed to Donslau, the cities of Bistritza and Eforie Nord having been fully integrated in their own provinces, and East Mesa joining as well after some negotiations. This also marked the split between the Egalitarians of Cresvlits and the rest of the socialist world, as they were warm to the Folksocialists in The U.C.C.R.. This split will see a mass loss in popularity of the socialists across all of the kingdom.

The Changes

As the changes weren't only ceremonial, the constitution was changed, removing The Council and empowering the "Donslau Meeting", adopted the Egalitarian Manifesto and finally adopted the Provincial system which splits the country in administrative regions, each ruled by a count.

The Fall of the Cresvlitsae People

After the fall of Donslau, the town was taken over by foreigners and renamed to Nux. After months of occupation, and with Prospits economic prosperity dropping significantly due to wars and loss of collaboration between the native nations, the foreigners living in Nux decided to look for a better place to live. During this time, the remaining Cresvlitsae people were either dying in distant lands far from the city of Nux or assimilating into surrounding nations. Most if not all of the important figureheads for the once Kingdom of Cresvlits had passed away and their heirs knew nothing of the lands from which they came. This lasted until there was only one major former Cresvlitsae figurehead left, Dima Ratnik, who had ruled over Constantzalae before searching for better opportunities in The Arcadian Altanate. He didn't ever forget the lands he was born and raised in, and yearned to go back and bring back honor and glory to his fallen nation once more.

Far from Home

As the last of the Cresvlitsin spread around the world, searching for new homes, many stories popped up of their adventures. The Old King, Leuvis Krieger the Ist, would end up in the far away icebergs of Coldfront. He would dabble in Arcadian politics, rising to the position of Senator of Wahat Almarjan. He would go on to join the Eldian independence, and continue to serve Eldia, as their head diplomat. His life would, however, end, at the hands of, officially, a Morian woman. This would trigger a chain of events, that would bring about the destruction of most of the Iceberg Cresvlitsin.

Another story would pop up from the small village of Sevryana, the capital of the old province of Constantzalae. It's mayor, Steven Stromberg, would outfit an expedition to the nearby mountains, and succeed, while also managing to set up diplomatic relations with Eldia and Solaris, even joining the Solar League. Despite all of this, many accused him of mental health issues. Even so, from archives, plans were drafted to unite the old nation, but all was for naught. One early morning, the mayor, Steven Stromberg, would jump off the town hall, committing suicide.

But a whisper says, that somewhere else, far, far away, unaware of their homes situation, some Cresvlitsin build up a new home. It ends with...

Joachimus Eterna!

The New State and Count Dima Ratnik

With the foreigners in Nux moving away came the opportunity for Dima Ratnik to go back home and with the approval and funding of The Arcadian Altanate, reclaim the city and some of the land of Cresvlits. Though the surrounding nations were at first skeptical to this fast change, with the help of earlier connections Dima Ratnik had to Sakan'to, tensions were resolved and the hope for a future alliance was born.

A New Government

In a paper addressed to all surrounding nations, Dima Ratnik stated," Having no way of traveling between both parts of the Arcadian Altanate without going through foreign land, the Altan and the Count of Cresvlits have agreed that Cresvlits and the surrounding territory will gain a state of Semi-Autonomy in the Altanate. With no intentions of breaking off but with all focus on ensuring stability and peace in Prospit, Cresvlits will govern itself to some extent and handle all central Prospitian affairs concerning itself with little involvement of the Altanate besides foreign affairs. This is in hopes to improve relations with surrounding nations weary of foreign involvement in the continent."

Other Notable Additions

In addition to a new government, Dima Ratnik has plans to pass through the Arcadian Chamber bills that support renovation of Prospitian infrastructure and a defensive budget for Cresvlits, a church for the earth god Xamî, a new Arcadian funded and built amphitheater, and plans to increase wheat and raw material exports.

Cresvlitsae Military Affairs

With Cresvlits's Semi-Autonomy, the ability to involve itself in wars has been left open to the local government to design, and thus, Cresvlits will take the opportunity to assert its dominance on the region. As well as this, Count Dima Ratnik made it known he would grow the borders of Cresvlits to where they had been before.

The Akarian Crisis

Starting in August 2022, a group of people migrated to Central Prospit, just north of Cresvlits. And with that, set up their border into ethnically Cresvlitsae land. The Count called the Cresvlitsae Defense Force (CDF) to high alert and diplomatic talks were carried out between the two states. All out war was averted however because the Akarians ran out of money and their capital was abandoned, and Cresvlits was able to claim the ethnic territory it wanted freely.

The Lothric War

Starting in late August 2022, although not directly involved, due to being a part of the Altanate, Cresvlits was called to serve in the war. The war is still ongoing.

The Brotherhood Crisis

Starting in early September 2022, while Count Dima Ratnik was focused in the north, a group of bandits settled in the ethnic territory south of Cresvlits. This angered the Count and the Cresvlitsae people who thought they wouldn't have to deal with outsiders anymore. Negotiations lead the Count to talk with the Altan, who was too suspicious of The Brotherhood's leader. He was blocked from becoming a vassal state to the Arcadian Altanate , thus provoking him to secure himself as a vassal state within the Stahlfaust Empire. The Counts reputation was forever damaged by this mistake and it would lead to his downfall

Volunteer Aid to Mantle

On September 13th 2022, Count Dima Ratnik along with his Defense Force sailed to Mantle to help the Queen fight the hellspawns in The Battle of the Mercenary District. This would be the last battle of the war. The fighting lasted hours and some volunteers were wounds and killed, but in the end, the hellspawns were taken out and victory was won for Mantle and the Cresvlits Volunteers. Dima himself was wounded badly in the battle, thus he was seen as no longer fit to be the Count of Cresvlits.

Count Gheorghe Popescu

After the population of Cresvlits lost faith in their first Count, Dima Ratnik, they demanded change. Dima Ratnik's cousin, Gheorghe Popescu, was then appointed as the new Count of Cresvlits. He plans to continue defense and infrastructural improvements, as well as build the church that has been long planned. He also wishes to assert dominance around the area, reaffirming to his people that Cresvlitsae land belongs to Cresvlits.