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Archivia City State
Motto: We shall remember
Anthem: "Danse Macabre"
Demonym Archivian
Government Semi-direct democratic directorate
 •  Director-General zaktoslph
Establishment history
 •  Foundation June 6, 2021 
 •  Expulsion from Fort Gillamore June 8, 2021 
 •  Establishment of democracy August 17, 2021 
 •  Cession to Acquendavia September 16, 2021 
 •  Reestablishment October 8, 2021 
Population 9

Archivia (/ɑːɹˈkɪvɪjʌ/ ar-KIH-vi-ya), officially the Archivia City State, is a sovereign city-state located on the northwestern tip of Prospit. The city was originally founded as a company town owned and operated by the Alathran Independent Press.