Valka "Black Steel" Styrbjordottir

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Valka Styrbjordottir
Valka, with her mechanical arm as reference.

Valka is a Fae and the current Guildmaster of the paladin sect of Wyvren Claw.


Valka has traditionally braided white hair that reaches just past her shoulders, with jewels to match. Common to the Fae species, she has two black horns that curve backwards from her skull (similar to goats), murky red eyes, sharpened canines, and feathered black wings. Valka sports a metal right arm, consisting of stained black steel, forged by dwarves that owed her clan a debt. She is often seen in black armor, plated where it matters but for the most part breathable. Valka has a cloak that, when fastened, covers most of her figure, and when free, drapes loosely over her shoulders and down her back. Across her chest is a silver dragon pennant, that secures the cloak in place. Valka has multiple traditional tattoos, a dragon that stretches across her back and loops around her forearm, and thorns that reach up the side of her neck. She is never seen without jewelry adorning her horns and ears, dangling from looping chains and pennants.


Valka is a fierce, born leader, with a knack for intimidation when she feels the situation calls for it. She is difficult to approach and often the silent observer at gatherings, but once she's comfortable with someone, she becomes quite the storyteller. Valka loves a good ale and story around the fire, and will often partake in both frequently.


Valka is a formidable leader, but she struggles to make meaningful relationships outside of her circle, as she was taught to only trust those within the ‘clan’ (whichever version of it she may be in). Along with this, Valka suffers from migraines and struggles sleeping, as it is a way to commune with her gods - and thus, lucid and restless. Valka's magic is mostly channeled into the gem in her mechanical arm, making it perform as if it were flesh. This means she cannot wield magic as effectively as her peers.


Valka started as a member of an old northern clan named Folkvangr, which followed a handful of old gods. Being fascinated by the God of Stories, Goddess of Nature and King of Dreams, Valka set her sights on becoming an oracle and seer, teller of stories and maker of potions. She studied under her clan’s seer, Eir, for many years into her late teens, until one day her clan was called into battle for a nearby dwarven ally. Being of age now, the Seer-to-Be insisted she join them--and, despite the Clan Oracle’s pleas, she went off under the direction of the gods. It was this battle that she lost her arm to an axe, and though the battle was won, she and her clan suffered significant losses. She survived, but was devastated by the injury. Valka's master, the Oracle Eir, called in a favor from the dwarves they had protected during the battle, and requested they craft her a new arm. This arm was merely a metal replacement which she could not effectively wield, so she and Eir dedicated years into infusing a fire opal gem into the shoulder of the black steel, which she could then siphon her magic into. With this, she was able to wield the arm as if it were flesh - with the added bonus of strength in the steel. Because of this, Valka's magic is focused on tonics and potions, as the rest is constantly powering her mechanical arm. As she returned to both battle and her studies, Valka earned the nickname "Black Steel", in honor of the stained metal that gave her strength.

Finally it became time for Valka to forge her own path. She had learned all she could from her Oracle master, and the rest was to be gathered by experience outside of her clan. Leaving the safety of the Folkvangr Clan was no easy decision, but Valka, seasoned from battle but itching for a new adventure, set off with nothing but a pack, a horse, and her knowledge. Through years of exploration, passing through many cities and nations, Valka never lost her faith, and eventually found a knack for leading. A fierce, outspoken warrior, she often stands up for those who can’t and acts as a shield for those who need it.

Present Day

Valka made her way across Alathra, finally settling down in the south eastern continent of Omis. Here, she came across an old, rugged character named Rylanor, and through a late night of drinks and stories, they became friends. Valka was thus invited to join his up-and-returning guild, the Adventurer's Guild, where her prowess for leadership and determination was tested and proven. With time, Valka agreed to assist Rylanor in the return of the guild in all of its glory - and thus became a Guildmaster for one of it's many sects: the paladin sect of Wyvren Claw.

Here, she crafted a guildhall within the town of Florin, in the nation of Aeskana, and leads with an iron fist and a fierce loyalty to her newfound clan. She is currently recruiting, but it takes grit to join her ranks.

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