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Master Senn Orx
Senn Orx
Senn Of The Seven Continents
BornSW Mountains
Other namesJudgement
OccupationWarrior / Co-Mayor
OrganizationPeople Of Remnois
Known forThe creation of a town Remnois and Journeys yet to be had in a new found world
TitleGrand Master


Senn Orx is a male Ono Centaur with white and brown coat of hair. He can be seen wearing leather straps and a black dirtied and beaten drape when not in big battles, though when the time is right will wear stronger armor such as diamond or strong iron.


Early life

Senn Orx, otherwise known as Judgement, found himself in the forest as his first memory nothing but a dazed feeling and begging he felt as if something had hit him really hard when he first awoke. he understood things much quicker and learned far more beyond any aquantances he never had a home but encountered creatures and people far greather then himself in those moment he knew he would strive for greatness. After setting out to become something greater then himself he made a group of individuals they would go on to pass before he got the chance to show them what they could have been if they lived "Remnois".

New Beginnings

After losing all his friends to a storm he moved on and began traveling the mountains and valleys learning about the creatures and taking a lay of the land while also refining his craftsmanship he called his way of life "Phro" it was through this way of life that lead him to gather the original people of Remnois before the event took place and shifted Remnois into a growing capital of a town.

Starting Off Right

Senn Orx along with his undisclosed ally pride themselves of material and made sure riches wasnt going to be a problem they created a town off a big cavern and gathered craftsmen, warriors and folk lost from around the land. One day they all encountered Remnois this gave healing to his town and created a special environment for the people of Remnois

Current Day

Senn Orx is building a town called Remnois in hope of spreading the faith and religion he discovered growing up in the valleys and mountains.