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Zarules is a mage who works for Ra'thra at his temple. He was originally from Nowhere and was taught by both Isenhiem and Ra'thra. The mysterious figure known as 'J' has an interest in him.

ResidenceThe Temple of Pater Carnis
Home townNowhere


'Zarules was a young boy when it happened. He and his family, his mother and father, flead the continent of Arith in fear of persecution. His family were never fans of the FCA and thought them liars. But they had nowhere to go. And so that was where they went. They had recently heard of an island in the south that was once abandoned but now being rebuilt, Nowhere. And after a rough travel they made it. The town leader, Grim, was surprised to see sudden guests but was delighted to hear that they were willing to join. They told him their story, and fears. They told him that they lost their youngest son to illness. And Grim sympathised with them.

While yes Nowhere would eventually join the FCA, Grim promised them protection and hid them away from the nation.

Over time things changed. Zarules' mother became the Inn keeper and his father became a farmer. It was around this time the great war broke out and Nowhere left the FCA in fear. Glad and safe from attack, Zarules and his family sighed a breath of relief. However, soon after the end of the war, Grim fell into despair and depression. After some time he held the dreaded party at which he killed himself at. The news hit the town, which was a lot bigger at this point, and the people mourned. But suddenly, a miracle happened. Some few people brought Grim back and had broken his curse. At this point he reintroduced himself as Isenhiem, fallen king of Olgard. Delighted, the people celebrated.

Some time had passed. Isenhiem started to get into magic and had already perfected some spells. Rumours of strange people visiting the town spread, a Lethonian, the king of Redna and his wife, leaders of nations, and a mushroom man were among the few. And it was around this time Zarules was interested in magic. He was growing up as a farmer and fisherman but wanted to learn the art of magic. He wasn't very good at hiding this curiosity. He had stolen some books from Isenhiem and tried to practice the art. And after an incident Isenhiem found out. But instead of being angry at the boy he was delighted that someone was willing to learn, so he asked his parents for permission to teach him. They hesitated but from desperate pleas from Zarules they obliged. It was around this time the tendrils started to grow. Isenhiem said it was for protection but the people were weary of them. But this didn't stop Zarules who was slowly learning magic.

Then one day Isenhiem vanished. News of a conflict between the Redna king and the Lethonians broke out. But soon after that news, Isenhiem returned. He was severally weak and tried. He locked himself away in his laboratory. Barely anyone was allowed to see him. Not even Zarules was allowed. Days turned to weeks and by the end of the month something happened. A man exited the room, but it wasn't Isenhiem. He introduced himself as Ra'thra.

Things began to change once again. A new religion was created and resources had started to move into the construction of a building far in Arith. Eventually the time came and Ra'thra made his final announcement at Nowhere. To stay here or to leave with him. Zarules was pulled apart by this choice, his family didn't want to leave and feared Ra'thra. But Zarules was curious and young and wanted to learn more. Ra'thra's abilities were far beyond Isenhiem's. So, regrettably, he said his goodbyes and left with Ra'thra.

He travelled with him to the temple and made his home at it. The temple grew in size and followers. During which, Ra'thra started to teach some of the followers magic. And due to Zarules' training with Isenhiem he quickly learnt more and became the top student. He learned basic and advanced Biomancy, Alchemy, Thurgy, Runes, Rituals and Spell craft.

However, threats from the Silvians started and war was declared. This was the moment Zarules was introduced to the real world and he had to quickly learn to fight. He learned basic hand-to-hand combat and archery before the battle. And when the battle took place he was severally injured. He was one of the few who survived the massacre. He's friends and fellow students where all killed.

He physically recovered but was traumatised by it all. And he soon went into a downwards Spital into dark magic. Ra'thra saw this and took advantage, teaching him dark and blood magic along with other stuff. Eventually, Zarules became far stronger than most and was appointed a high rank by Ra'thra. He helped him out on projects and studies, and was even told about the secret project. What he was told would cause fear in any normal person of his age, but Zarules was too far gone.

Ra'thra showed him the pain and suffering of the world and corrupted his very soul. It was getting to a point where Zarules was looking into the darker depths of magic. The dark gods and eldritch terrors enticed him and drew him in. He wasn't going to stop any time soon. And through it all he suffered.

But there was still hope.

One day he saw Ra'thra and a strange woman talk. He couldn't hear what they were saying but it seemed serious. And his thoughts were confirmed by something Ra'thra said. From the small snippet he heard talk of a Demon wanting to return to Alathra. And from the expression on both of their faces he could tell they were slightly worried.

Zarlues at this time was also looking at Ra'thra's forbidden books. Many were unreadable but he was beginning to translate them, even understand some of them. But it was one in particular. It was a small, black book with gold details and patterns on it. he could also see the paper. It was red. And for some reason it was chained down. The aura it gave off was powerful and heavy, it made him feel sick. He also couldn't use spells to unlock the chains as they were warded with powerful magic. But something called to him, the book called to him. So, with nothing else to do he touched it.

Zarlues woke up with news that Ra'thra had gone South for something, and he soon found out what it was about. Ra'thra had caused a storm to occur over Haven and he attacked the residents. However he was delighted to hear that Ra'thra was locked away in a void. That was until he discovered Ra'thra's new host body and Ra'thra possessing it.

After that, Zarules and Orthigo had to maintain the look of the temple while Ra'thra plotted away. Though, soon, both of them were sent away on a mission. Zarules was sent to Haven to find the curses. However he had no luck and became stressed. But he enjoyed his freedom and even dreamed of living in Haven. On his return trip he passed several places but only met one or two people, giving them his concerns. When he returned to the temple Ra'thra was only slightly angry and realised his mistake in sending him.

During him return, Zarules became more and more interested in the book.'


Zarules is around 5'6 in hight. He has light brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is also described as being 'well built'. His outfit often changes, with him having the usual robes for the temple, a black robe lined with gold with a blue cloth wrapped around his head that acts as a hood when he was In Haven, and a black and brown jacket with matching shirt and trousers for more casual works.


Zarules specialises in multiple forms of magic, however he is most knowledgeable in dark magic and Biomancy. It is often debated in the temple if he is matched or even stronger than Ra'thra.


Zarules practices the worship of 'The First Father' as he is one of the clergy in the temple. However he has doubts about it. More recently though he has been drawn to the worship of a different entity.


Zarules use to live in Nowhere. Zarules is highly knowledgeable about magic but is always willing to learn from others. Zarules saw Isenhiem as a father figure.