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BornOuter space
NationalityIcebergian, Icesteelian
Other namesnone
OccupationScientist, Engineer, Emperor (former), Count (current)
Known forIceberg, Icesteel.

AlphaSpade_ is the founder of Iceberg, Icesteel I, Spadecrown, and Icesteel II. He is a robot from outer space. While Alphaspade's character is Aesexual, the player himself is not. both Alphaspade and his character go by He/him pronouns.



The Alfredians are a race of crustacean-like lifeforms from outer space. While their outer frames are made from a hard metallic material, they still have 'organs' and 'blood veins'. One of their most notable traits are their brains. They are about as smart as a 21st century human from birth, and can transfer their CPU's from frame to frame. Many Alfredians have a spare frame, so if their old frame gets destroyed they can transfer their mind from one to the other.

The Alfredians are a power-hungry race, and have a large empire. They colonize planets by producing a child and sending it to the target planet. The child does not know where they came from, and rely on the other sentient lifeforms on the planet to raise it. While the child doesn't know where it came from, it does have an underlying objective imprinted on their brain. Their objective can vary from total planet colonization or to destroy a powerful force on that planet.

Alfredians grow at a much faster rate than humans.


AlphaSpade is an Alfredian that was sent to Alatrha to colonize it and to capture a powerful force on it (It is currently unknown what this powerful force is). Alphaspade landed in a yet unnamed village, and was raised by the villagers there. He gained a love of money and trade from being raised by his adoptive parents. He named the village Iceberg, due to it's cold climate.

After coming of age, Alphaspade moved out of Iceberg to found a capitol for his empire. He started work on Castle Spadecrown and founded the first Icesteel Empire.

Kogongu-Pultria war

After founding Spadecrown, AlphaSpade and his advisor, Megadalon, decided to declare war against the vacant town of Petroselinum. This conflicted with the ideals of their neighbors, Kogongu. the kogongians believe that their home continent of Koganon should never be colonialized. This caused many powerful nations to declare war on Icesteel. Alphaspade pannicked, and made the poor decision to join Pultria. This only caused more problems for the nation of Icesteel, and Alphaspade decided to back out of the deal, becoming a traitor. The Icesteelians do not like to remember this part of their history.

Post Pultria

After the conflict, Alphaspade decided to live an isolationist lifestyle, continuing construction on his castle. While Icesteel is no longer an empire, it is still an independent city state.


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