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Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose, also known as (Syzmo5713)
BornAnthony Rose
OccupationMayor of Blackrose, Archeologist, Religious Leader, Relic Studier
Known forThe Founding of Blackrose, Starting the Israfilites, and Destroying The Admin Staff

Anthony Rose, a character played by Syzmo5713, is an archaeologist-turned-cultist when he had a strange dream about The Blessed Dagger.


Anthony Rose was born a bastard in Redna. When he was eight years old, he and his mother fled to Northern Prospit due to a decrease and slowdown in Redna's economy during the Great War. Upon reaching Prospit, Anthony read as many books as he could find, and in his teenage years, dabble in writing and journaling himself.

As Anthony grew older, so did his ambitions. He would run into the local village each morning to barter goods for cheap coin so that he could buy that day's issue of MegaNews. He loved knowing what was going on all over Alathra currently, but there was one subject he loved over the current news. The Ancient News. Anthony read books all about Ancient Alathra. From the Ancient Pyrrhians, to the Codex Abyssus. He even learned about the Giants that resided in Mount Xeno. One morning he ran down to the post office and bought an issue of MegaNews. The headline was as bold as the sun was bright, "Taffasan Barkeep and Librarian discover the Shard of The Blessed Dagger". Anthony was tingling at the news. He must know more. He had heard of the legends.