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Beyza is the crowned princess of Iskandar

Of Nocti Interflumin
Beyza's regular attire
BornAge: 22
Nehir Arasında, 22 Years ago
ResidenceBeyza Manor, Nocti Interflumin
NationalityLydoneian, Kogongi
CitizenshipRepublic Of Lydoneia
Known forWine and Beer making
Notable work5 Star Whiskey and Wines
TitlePrincess of Nocti Interflumin
PredecessorBeyza I
Parent(s)Father: Neyf- KIA. Mother: Beyza, missing and presumed dead.


Beyza is female, slim, and also has green eyes and looks to be in her early twenties. Her olive skin is like that of a Kogongi Person, because that's where most of her heritage comes from. She did not inherit pointed ears like the Kogongi, however she does participate in most of their culture. She also has long light brown hair. She wears a black and purple dress (National Colors of Noctı Interflumin) that are made of silk. She also wears black snow boots and a purple scarf around her person. Her personality is much like that of her brothers, being mostly relaxed, but serious.


Early Life

Beyza was born 22 years ago in the town of Iskandar, three years after her brother. Her lavish lifestyle being the daughter of the Crowned Prince of Iskandar, Neyf IV. Some in her family would consider her and her brother "opposites" because their interests were completely different even though they were raised under the same household. While Sayyid often liked hunting and cooking, Beyza enjoyed walking on paths to see nature and making brews such as wines and whiskeys. Their lifestyle, however, would come to an abrupt end when invaders from Icesteel completely decimated the entire city, reducing it to ruin and leaving both of their parents dead. The two siblings ran in opposite directions, Sayyid across the southern Iskandar River, and Beyza across the northern river toward Kogongu, leaving Sayyid to believe her to be dead. After this, Beyza was completely alone, teaching herself to hunt properly, pick good berries, and even experimented with brews whilst in the wilderness. One thing, in particular, is that she trained herself to be a master at the bow and arrow, shooting rabbits for food and defending herself from skeletons and creepers. She set up camp on the coast near Jotunstan until by way of a messenger parrot, heard news about Iskandar, leaving her to go back to her home by way of horse. There she was greeted by Sayyid, who was trying to rebuild the city.

Coming Back to Iskandar

After Beyza returned, she was given a large estate along with a Tavern/Bar to run. She finally perfected making brews such as Red Wine, Whiskey, and Dark Beer. She sold these brews to the townspeople and even sent of ships to sell brews to far away places such as Wahat Almarjan and Oakland where she got more and more money. She also began constructed a ship of her own to transport brews personally.


Beyza's' Baruc et Tavberna (Lydoneian) or Beyza's Bar & Tavern (Common) is an establishment in the western part of Noctı Interflumin near the harbor. There she sells Whiskey, Beer, Wine, and other brews. It is made out of blackstone bricks with crimson wood roofing. It also functions as an Inn, as there are four rooms inside. Food can also be served during dinnertime, consisting of mostly steak and baked potatoes, or depending on the season, grilled carrots. It has a unique floor, consisting of a wood coming straight from 'Infernsuk' (Hell, or Nether in Lydoneian) which has blue veins that pulse with energy.


- Beyza is so acclimatized to the cold weather of Iskandar that whenever she travels to Haven, which is also very cold, she often remarks that is is "Too warm" for her.

- Beyza is an excellent painter, using mostly Wheat oil to paint the sights of Iskandar