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Bluocracy was created by Blue and based around the previous structure of government in their past nation Acquendavia but more fair for the people by adding more democratic aspects to the government.

Power distribution

Bluocracy has 3 main roles for the nations that get governed by it, a King/Queen, council members/town leaders, and the citizens.


The King or Queen of the nation pass their power down via giving it away or by family.

Kings and Queens only have the power to veto a completed vote by the town leaders or citizens, if they want to enforce a law they have to get the majority of the town leaders permission.

Town leaders:

Town leaders are the same as the King or Queen with the only downside of having the ability to be vetoed by the King/Queen, to enforce a law they must not get vetoed by the King/Queen and the Citizens can’t vote to remove it.


Citizens have a direct democracy and don’t elect an official for them to make decisions for the citizens. Citizens may make their own laws as long as the Town leaders or the King/Queen don’t veto them

Where it’s used