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BryanTheBoring2, otherwise known as Ibn-Al Nabeel (Nabeel for short), is a citizen of the nation of Lydoneia in the capital city, Haven. Ibn-Al Nabeel is also a priest of the temple of Hasur, and credited with the writing of “The Book of Hasur”, or the “Hasur Bible”. He loves sweet berries, and lives a humble life.

Early life

Ibn-Al Nabeel was born of a supernatural phenomenon occurring between magma, and the willpower of a very questionable god. He emerged from the earth near the southern borders of Alathra, and spent multiple years teaching himself anything he could: building, architecture, axe-fighting (he still isn’t very good at it), writing, and critical thinking. And one fateful day he decided to leave his cave, and hide it from anyone who may seek it. So he headed out in search of more like himself.

Arriving at Haven

After multiple days wandering aimlessly, Ibn-Al Nabeel stumbled upon a pleasant looking town, Haven. He was surprised to be so lucky as to meet the very governor of the town, RapturedSplicer, who kindly accepted him into this nice little town. He would later continue to be surprised by how much the town grew, soon to be a cultural and diplomatic center.

Work in Haven

Aside from the daily taxes and occasional wood stockpiling, Ibn-Al Nabeel did not have much to offer Haven, as he would often be known to leave the town and be alone in the mountains for a few days. Eventually, he was given a task, to construct a temple near the lake, on the other side of town. Ibn-Al Nabeel took on this task with great pride, and later named the temple,: “Temple of Hasur”, in honor of the same. Ibn-Al Nabeel would later write “The Book of Hasur”, and become a priest in the temple.

AIA Charter

Ibn-Al Nabeel also briefly assisted RapturedSplicer in working on a charter for the new project, the Alathran International Alliance. He is also currently the scribe of the AIA, in charge of writing down meeting transcripts.

Political and Personal Beliefs

Ibn-Al Nabeel believes in the importance of loyalty to king and country, and will fight for his nation and what they hold to be true. However, he actively avoids trouble where it can be avoided, and will only fight if absolutely necessary. Nabeel also values honesty, wisdom, and humor.

Historic Events

Ibn-Al Nabeel has been present in a few historical events of Alathra, such as , the Great War, during which he died…multiple times…he was also a part of the formation of the AIA, assisting RapturedSplicer, to the best of his ability.