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OccupationBrewery owner, innkeep, builder
Notable workHaven Amphitheater, Old Soul brewery, Port-au-Nixe North West district

Wubs is a practiced builder and brewery owner who currently resides in Port-au-Nixe.


Not much of Wubs' early life is known.

At the age of 17, they officially moved to Haven Vinum and studied brewery under Alera Septima.

During the Haven bombings, Wubs fled Koganon to Prospit. Although they intended to return, the news of Alera's death broke them and they chose to stay on Prospit.

Now as an adult, using their brewery knowledge, they run the Old Soul brewery in Port-au-Nixe, as well as construct buildings around town.

Personal Beliefs


  • Their favourite flower is the Lily of the Valley.
  • Their magic rank is Wizard.