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The Everglow peninsula was an unclaimed territory for a very long time until Elyria claimed it. However it still remained un-inhabited for a long while.


On August 18th Count Zephyrus, formally a Lord of Redna, sailed across the sea and founded the city of Everglow.

Historical Buildings

The first building built was the Tree Palace, a wonderful castle built on top of the towering jungle trees. The first half that was built is known as the Old Palace. Recently Count Zephyrus Finished the Star Dome, and the Map Room. That half of the Palace is known as the New Palace.


Located on the Everglow Peninsula, the city is situated northwest of Redna, northeast of Ehir, and southeast of Taffasan.


On land, Everglow consists of a bamboo jungle, an oak forest, and a beach. In the water, there is a coral reef.


Everglow is home to lots of bamboo and jungle trees.


Everglow is home to a variety of animals and monsters.


There used to be many pandas on the Everglow Peninsula but they were taken from their homes until there were only two left. Those two were rescued and have since been named Gerold and Debra. They also have a son named Jimmy. After the birth of Jimmy and the construction of the Panda Sanctuary underneath the Glow Tree, the panda population is rising once again. You can also find the occasional cow, sheep, and chicken roaming around as well as tropical fish, cod, salmon, and dolphins.


The wilderness of the Everglow Peninsula is dangerous during both day and night. The monsters can hide under the large trees and can manage to survive the daytime. the coast is also dangerous for a lack of cover means anyone wandering the coast at night can be attacked by phantoms. If you look out onto the bamboo fields behind Everglow, you will see spiders that have climbed up the bamboo and the occasional skeleton horse. On the beaches you can find Husks and if you go into the water you will be greeted by many pufferfish and drowned.


Everglow is on a beach which gently slopes into a hill. There are some flatter spots along the cost as well.



Currently Everglow has one main import and that is Enchanted Books.


Everglows Exports include:

  • Pandas (that are raised in a safe, loving environment and are treated with the utmost care when being raised and transported).
  • Bamboo/bamboo products
  • Natural products (that includes jungle leaves, jungle logs, cactus, and sugarcane)

Currently Everglow is working on the exportation of wool, arrows, and dyes. This page will be updated as soon as the products are ready for exportation.

Foreign Relations

Being a city of Estea, Everglow has all the same alliances and enemies that the rest of country has unless said otherwise.


Everglow has never been apart of any conflicts and we would like it to stay that way.


Everglow does not have any individual alliances but has all the same alliances that Estea has as stated above.