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The All Knowing Drydalis I,
Other namesDarthFanatic
CitizenshipArcadian Altanate
OccupationMayor of Pacitta II, Governor of The Pacitta Territory, Drydalis/High Priest of Paxism
Known forThe creation of Pacitta II, creation of Paxism
Familymcats8, distant cousins/relatives (names unknown)

Fulkien is a player that lives in Koganon and is the mayor of Pacitta II.



Little is known about where Fulkien was born; but what is known is that when he was born, he was in a cult named The Krieton. These cultists worshipped the Goddess Krievera, an evil god that is said to have wreaked havoc on the animals of Alathra millions of years ago. The Krieton believed that Krievera held the gift of eternal life, and her followers would receive it if they followed her to the end. His parents were killed in a sacrifice to Krievera. When his parents were killed, Fulkien fled his home in the cult and built a shack on the continent Gaushan, where he would learn to live by himself his entire life.

Mid-Age Life

A picture of Fulkien in his Mid Age.

Fulkien started out as an elf on the continent Gaushan living at the coast in a town he named "Pacitta" It was a little north of where Melius Tempus is today, and had a population of one; him. He lived there in peace for years until one day, when he decided to get of his butt and do something. He joined the Nation Elyria. That was enough excitement for one decade for him so he kept on with his small town. One day he was doing hermit things, when Sherman of Elyria contacted him with a proposal. If Fulkien left his hometown, he could become mayor of the town Kaer Nevura. This was a castle that was also a town of 0 population. If Fulkien ran the town he could have access to all resources, villagers, and tools throughout the castle,but he would have to leave his old home.

Fulkien thought for awhile, then accepted his invitation. For a few weeks, Fulkien ran the town, things were going great. Then Fulkien fell asleep for a few weeks. This happened to be during a major time period and he was kicked out of the town. Fulkien, still recollecting himself, decided to move back to his old home. When he finally reached his destination, he found it was inhabited, and in a fit of depression, he sailed halfway across the sea to Koganon, where he set up a camp. He looked through some maps and found an ideal location. This is where he decided to rebuild his old town.

Current Life


Although it is not known exactly where Fulkien lives, or where he claims to be his current residence, it is thought to be in the High tower of Braavos Keep. It is believed that he lives in his town, Pacitta II. Some other residences of his include his ship, The Carmona, His Apartment building, and his Temple.


Currently Fulkien is involved in many things. He is the Governor of the Pacitta Territory in the Arcadian Altanate, He is the Mayor of Pacitta II in The Pacitta Territory, and He is the First Drydalis of the Paxist faith (He is the first head of the Paxist Church). His net worth is about $10,000.


Fulkien has no real family, both of his parents are deceased. He also has several other distant family members that are related to him but are not in contact with him recently. These are the supposed heirs to his wealth if he were to die, although mcats8(his friend) would also inherit much of it, such as his leadership of the church, and/or the Mayor ship of Pacitta II and the Governorship of The Pacitta Territory.