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Other namesOmniczar
Known forN/A

HadeanNightmare is a far wanderer who has but recently traveled to these distant lands, arriving on the 10th day in the eighth month of the year 21 of the 2nd millenium common era. He is currently in service to Prince Artimus III acting as the Royal Engineer for Lathoringia.


HadeanNightmare is an old wanderer who has traversed many a realm prior to reaching Alathra. Famililar with the old ways and ancient legends from across the realms, witness to many sights long since faded from thought and memory, and harboring knowledge of things long since passed away, he cares the weight of many lifetimes upon his cloaked form. He seldom speaks about any such tales of his past: nations he has seen rise and fall, wars he has seen won or lost, mighty figures who stood as beacons at the zenith of what was possible by those who gazed upon them only to see them laid low either by a lose in favor or due to some terrible misdeed they performed. His quietness involving such times perhaps bade a longing for times simpler than that which he knows today.

Eventually, he, too, faded out of mind of all who had known him prior and for time unknown to all save himself he vanished from the face of the known realms. What deeds performed during this hidden time in lonely dwelling is a tale lost forever unto the sands of time.


For many long years he laid dormant in bleak solitude surrounded not but by silence and loneliness till at least he awoke upon the shores of HighTide. It is here the very Steward of the city, GreatLemi, approached him and offered him information upon this fledgling frontier that he had found himself in. With the aid of GreatLemi and the Acquendavian known as Sitsit, Hadean found himself on with a decent foothold amongst the north continent of Arith spending time as a nomad observing town and ruin alike.

This continued for some time until he was happened upon that strange and grand fellow, the mayor of Renova, Dabreadking65, who lead him hither to the halls of Prince Artimus III, who welcomed his expertise with open arms. He took to his new position with splendid vigor and beholding a flaring of his spirit he has not experienced since ages past. His zeal has thus far has proved a boon to the blooming city.

He attended - along with his prince and the prince's hand - the final senate meeting of the now-defunct Free Cities of Alathra in HighTide though chose to take no part in the debate or the farewells between the splitting nation.