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Location and Geography

Lathoringia was a fortress town on the northern most continent of Alathra built across a river south of the city of RedWood. It is surrounded my a massive birch wood forest that separates it from all other towns on the continent.

Offical History

Lathoringia was created on the 8th of july 2021 by the player LordArtimusIII. The day the town was created LordArtimusIII elected join the Free Cities of Alathra. He joined under the promise of a senatorial seat as was the practice at the time. The town continued to expand and grow from then on now that it was safe from external threats. It joined in a time of war preparation between The Ashina Empire and the FCA. Thus in the beginning LordArtimusIII ramped up food production to support the entire army of the FCA if the need arises. This has made it so Lathoringia now producing the most food in the entirety of the FCA. However only a month after joining the FCA LordArtimusIII decided to leave, joining the previously FCA towns Romanus_silva and Geldostadt in the new nation of the Kingdoms of Arith.

The Grand Castle Seagrad.

Builds and landmarks

The town follows a fairly uniform design language, using primarily birch and stone brick in all constructions. The first thing built in Lathoringia was a bridge spanning the river built in the traditional sturdy Lathoringian style of birch planks with birch log supports and protruding stone brick battlements. The next building of import was the "house of law", which is reportedly a court house and meeting place for any and all disputes. We come next to the "Sea Gate". The Sea Gate is a massive wall and tower structure built over the river on which Lathoringia lies. It is five blocks thick and the facade that faces the sea is made of stone brick and stripped birch wood planks making it near impossible to blast through under most circumstances. The latest and by far most impressive building Lathoringia has to offer is the grand castle of Lathoringia known as Seagrad. An utterly massive castle structure built primarily of stone brick and birch, it stands imposingly at the mouth of the river on the eastern bank. This structure was actually a commission ordered by LordArtimusIII and taken up by spiceymonkey1349 defacto ruler of Uhovia at the time. It was a collaboration build between the two of them.