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Large Town/District

Motto(s): Eternalism Eternity
Founded byTarnished_Knight
 • TypeHigh Councils
 • MorticianElias Grimoir

Eternium was a large town on island located coast of central eastern Prasta. Being part of the nation Queendom of Stone from the friendship ANekomancer and Eternallyhopefull have. Considered a advancement town cause how quick large build structures were made when it was first founded on June 4 2023, by player name Tarnished_Knight. Now the town claimed and being work progress by Riptides.

Geographic and District

Eternium located on a island at a coast of central eastern part of Prasta. With a bridge now name as Wavemoon bridge connect to Prasta mainland of Constellations Bay. the island has a sewer system, black market, mining, and underground farm areas.

Eternium districts.

The island divided by three district and central is the Eternium Temple which in modern time is now completed.

Red: harbor and residential district.

Yellow: cultural district

Blue: market and farming districts.

Cultures & Events

Eternium cultures and there believes was Eternalism. To this days it not much known about it as scribes and researchers who are interest to studies this cultures still haven’t found any conclusions of answer but only concept and theory.

Eternians believe to unknown goddess or sentients of two pillarics: the Stars and the Sea. In time of great darkness the starts shall guide Eternium. This implies a care on behalf of the stars for Eternium. While the Protectors of the ocean. Implies the Eternians are responsible to defend not just the island, but there there family and less unfortunate aswell. They are all children of the Stars and the Sea, it appears they are born of her and return to her when they passed away. But in there return, Eternians find that she is fathomless, meaning they cannot know her. Finally And grant Eternians forbidden knowledge beyond our wildest dreams.

Despite some ideas researchers have. Still have many questions unsolved. Are all Eternians her children of the sea and stars? If so, who is this she and how? Why they cannot know her? What are the origins of Eternalism? If this knowledge is forbidden, who is forbidding it?

Eternium Tavern RP

For event Eternians would host a Tavern Night, where everyone even outsiders or tourists are welcome to joined. Not just to drink then get drunk but have good laugh, tell there stories of where they’re from include who they’re and be together to enjoy there time.

Tenante of Eternium

The book known as "The tenets of Eternium" or "Eternal Tenets" is one of the few pieces of lore we still have from the previous owners of Eternium.

The tenets are:

1. The stars and sea shall be revered. No monument shall be built upon our lands that does not uphold these, our two greatest of pillars.

2. The stars guide our path. Vast and unknowable, the glistening lights guide us through dark times, and grant us forbidden knowledge beyond our wildest dreams.

3. We are all children of the sea. Just as we once crawled from the depth of Her womb, so too shall we return upon our last breath into Her fathomless embrace.

4. The good of Eternium above all else. Aliances forged, mountains shattered, citadels sculpted, and ships christened; all shall be done for the good of Eternium.

5. Respect fellow Eternians. Thievery, assault, destruction of property, and general disrespect of your fellow citizens is strictly forbidden. Use common sense.

6. Be wary of outsiders. Do not be rude to visitors, but do not let them out of your sight. It is never a guarantee that an outsider has your best interest at heart.

7. *The script on this page is written in a language you do not understand...* *You begin feeling light-headed as you attempt to read it...*```

New Eternal Beginning

There wasn’t much know about Eternium first founded by Tarshined_Knight other than building were made, invited new players, and chatted on town chat. But few months after the big town founded, there was a panic with Tarnished disappearance and problem to keep up with daily upkeep of around 1.231. Worried not only town aftermath being ruined and looters will stole all of resources. Two players ANekomancer and Brooklyn_Steel34, managed not only protects Eternium valuables but the island aswell from being ruined. Thank to great help from towns of Baerie and Guldhir for being closest friends

ANekomancer stood up as new leader of Eternium as he didn’t want to let it ruined cause it feel too soon too say goodbye. Lead full scales relived for everyone while disappointed for those who wished to looted it. With his leadership it was known as town for new and causal players whom only wished to roleplaying, chilling, and find peaces from dangers of war or conflict.

Star Pact

The Star Pact was a mututal defense pact with purpose members united together to provide help and protect one another those who feels threatened by 4Head and his regimes of rule over the server. But it was a failed from the start not because 4Head overwhelmed the Star Pact. Because none of towns members couldn’t agreed on something along some people cause the Star Pact trouble, some would use them as a backup for conflict and war.

The Star Pact was meant to unite the roleplayers and casual minecrafters in order to defend themselves. Eternium actually left the Star Pact some time before it failed Star Pact wanted to start doing some weird merchant stuff, and Eternium wasn't for it Anekomancer (leader of Eternium)

  • Pact of The Stars (Mutual Defense Pact)
  • Zvezdni Pristan
  • Scarred Hallow
  • Kingdom of Adelaar
  • Divine Kingdom of Sundorboren
  • Guldhir
  • Eternium
  • Scarlet Sun Dominion
  • Celestiae
  • Grand Duchy of Akaan
  • Nevermore

Queendom of Stone

During Eternium construction and opened from isolation, where travelers and tourists welcomed to visits. A underground settlement lives inside of grand mountain from north of Prasta, possibly for thousand of years. Know as Hjodlik sent a message to Elias Griomier for the invitation to the dwarves palace and form a nation together. Now know as Queendom of Stone

Stone Queen coronation

In exchange for Eternium joined the nation, Hjodlik send supplies in to assist in Eternium's rebuilding while in return Elias assisted in information and getting connections to the outside world. Two civilizations form a strong friendship helped one another to very end.

Eternians and Hjodliks

After the Stone Queen coronation and formed the Queendom. Eternium lived in peaces with some up and downs like all towns and nations have to deal with. Formed new friends and somehow enemies. Unfortunately those time always going to end somehow, Eternium end was unfortunate saddening not for outsiders but citizens themselves and some of their friends

Downfall of Lost Interest

Final message of lost hope
Final messages from Elias

War called in continent Ceyreto for the aided Commonwealth of Blackthorn. Unfortunately many lives were lost from battle, raid, and siege. Once an ancient civilization as the island beacon of refuged in Prasta continent died to darkness and isolation. The Eternians vanished with no trace. There allies, friends, even Queendom tried to contact to the island. But got no result of replies even in modern time. No choices but to accept the truth and say farewell to Eternium, where the towns died out but there legacy still will be remembered.