Great Adrazi Flood

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Thousands of years ago, the Adrazi were one of the largest races in Alathra. Hailing from the Stone Forest, this race was known for its deeply tanned skin and largely peaceful culture. They inhabited small agricultural communities in the Stone Forest, but ultimately had to leave their homes following a terrible earthquake and titanic flood that struck the east coast of Prsata. The vast majority of Adrazi had to flee from the jungle as the rushing wave of water struck, fleeing from the valley in 3 directions:

  • Those that fled to the north escaped into the nearby mountains, waiting until the waters receded. From there, they migrated west to the coast of Codra Bay, where they would find great success fishing and farming. This group would become known as the Qadocians, and eventually split into several petty kingdoms centered on hill forts known as tosqortám, most notably the coastal settlement of Abzenada. After several centuries, the Uvantians, an unrelated nomadic group, migrated into the area, warring with and raiding the local Qadocian population. Eventually, the two groups would agree to the Covenant of the Codra, ultimately uniting into the mercantile republic of Kodrata.
  • Those who fled south created various ethnic tribes of the Qardic, Easrari, Jeşhavi, and Devaşh tribes. The Duine Empire, took a large portion of southern Prsata as a colonial territory. The Duineşh assembled the various Southern-Adrazi tribes under one flag to construct the fortress-city of Değli Taşhlar which eventually would backfire on them after the tribes united under a new name of Sivans. The new united Sivans fought for their independence from the Duineşh and won in "The Siege of the Red Sky", forming the Imperious Siva Republic.
  • Those who remained in the Stone Forest would be known as the Alzahirans.