Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk - The anti-creation

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Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk is an entity that appears several times in different cultures and religions. They have a reoccurring theme of bringing chaos and destruction to the world by any means necessary.


The description of Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk will often vary from person to person, though the common description is that it is an entity of void with no physical form.

Pre ice-age

Mentions of Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk appear before the ice-age of Alathra.

Ceiltean Druidism and Solaris

In Ceiltean Druidism and Solaris faiths, the entity is known as The Devourer. In both faiths, the stories speak of an entity that wishes to consume existence. In Ceiltean Druidism, the Devourer is described as 'a lack of space that consumed vast areas with darkness and emptiness.' In the creation myth of the two religions, the Devourer and Erses fought each other. After a long struggle that nearly ended all of reality, the Devourer was locked away outside existence.

However, like many other religions, both faiths have a destruction myth. In said myth, worship of the Devourer caused a war between the corrupt and the faithful. Until, eventually, a mass sacrifice gave the Devourer enough strength to break though reality. After a long war between creation and destruction, the Devourer was defeated and reality was reborn.


Similarly, in Olgardian faith, the entity also appears. It is called The Tyrant of the abyss and is described as 'A god shaped hole in reality.' Mentions of the entity are rare and few, however in the few mentions of the Tyrant of the abyss it is said that the gods locked it away in a prison of nothingness. In another tale, the Tyrant of the abyss escaped and brought down the 'Pink dawn', an apocalyptic event where reality is said to 'fall apart and crash down and Nelsifar will be created.'

Despite these similarities, Olgardian myth doesn't speak about how the Tyrant of the abyss came to be.

Codex Abyssus

Other mentions of such an entity can be found in the Codex Abyssus. The book speaks of an entity that wishes to end the world. Due to the little evidence available on the text, it is difficult to determine what exactly is in the tome. However it does speak of practices preformed by the 'Order of the Abyss'.

In the book, the Abyss is described as all things material and immaterial. It also can be deduced that the Abyss has no form. It also states the Abyss has no home and exists beyond space and time. It should be mentioned that the book refers to a 'true dawn' during the end of times.


Several events in Alathra had occurred in which some 'voidic' presence was seen. One notable event were the events involving Remora, Kangy, Eun, and others. The active worship of a void entity had also occurred, in which Symzo followed an entity known as Hadal. No known relation between them was ever made.

The end

Before the ice-age of Alathra, a mass fight between the 'faithful' and the 'corrupted' occurred, during which the presence of Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk was undoubtedly there. It's said that the god Erses and Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk were in a flight before the end, in which Erses was victorious once again. However, this came at a cost and was thought to be one of the reasons for the ice-age.

After ice-age

Mentions of Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk still occur in present day Alathra, despite the fact that the entity was defeated.


In the religion of Agdarrism, an entity known as Jodunn is mentioned. Here, Jodunn is the brother of Agdarr and seeks to bring destruction and darkness. This has, of course, similarities to Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk. However there is not much information on him apart from that he may have a following.


In the Hourdun religion, mentions of dark entites are mentioned. The 'Dajaburu' are creatures of darkness and entropy that are born of Malcarnis. Malcarnis is described as a force of evil and darkness that emerged from the void.


Tidalism has a very brief mention of any voidic entity. However there is mentions of an entropic force within the region, through connections to Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk are weak. Despite this, there is a mention of the 'Betrayer', an entity that used the trust of the Aitectli to bring the end of the world. However, he was stopped by the Aitectli he tricked.


In Purificationism, the being called the Unholy Impurity is rumored to be a form or ally of Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk, as it teaches that he and his servants, called Dark Ones, prefer to deceive people to commit acts of Impurity rather than directly interfere with worldly affairs.


Mentions of stories and myths involving a void or abyssal entity can be found throughout Alathra. While not all can be directly tied to Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk, many others still can. Even in current events, people are still being haunted by the entity.

Known information

Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk is an important figure in Alathran history as it appears several times.


Throughout history, followers of Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk have attempted to do his will. Whether by knowing or unknowingly doing so.

Born entites

Several entries and creatures have been known to have been created for the purpose of serving Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk.


The Degradatus are creatures created by the entity to serve it in destruction. They are mentioned in Solarian faith. Their main body has never been seen, however they do have tentacles.


The Dajaburu are dark spirits that cause chaos wherever they go. They are known to bring harm and trick people.


Oth'fruzernios is a god-like entity that serves Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk. He entered Alathra and tricked Aioun into opening a portal to let a Degradatus in. However, he was later defeated by her at the end. His name translates to 'Born of many dreams'


Cuttleorians are a race of creatures with the head of a cuttlefish. They were created after the blood of Oth'fruzernios mutated creatures into what we see now. They are evil creatures, often taking on piracy and raiding.


Even though Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk has created entites to serve him, he is known for manipulating others.


Long before the Alathran Ice age, Ra'thra roamed the lands. He came about due to an accidental coincidence that allowed his soul to possess a body. However, Ra'thra's story started a long time before all that. This story won't be retold in detail as many elements of it are irrelevant. The most important point is that it's said Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk used the hate people felt towards Ra'thra for his birth to cause him to become a puppet for the dark entity. This caused many problems both in the realm Ra'thra was born in and Alathra. It was known that Ra'thra's final plan was to free his father and God Ra'Patal Carndis with a construct known as a divine gate. However this would instead cause Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk to be freed. Luckily, Ra'thra was defeated in battle and his soul suffers eternal punishment.


During a similar time as Ra'thra, Symzo existed. He was an entity born from void but was nonetheless a puppet. His free will was denied and he was used to aid Ra'thra and Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk before eventually freeing himself and joining the fight against Ra'thra.


Kangy was a friend of Symzo who had unfortunately found himself in the wrong group. He would go onto researching the Abyss only to become a puppet of an entity. This lead to madness and conflict until Symzo killed Kangy out of mercy.


Aioun was a simple creature who found herself lost in a strange world that would slowly kill her. Near the beginning of the Ice age, Oth'fruzernios would begin tricking and manipulating Aioun to do his bidding. As Oth'fruzernios was a direct agent of Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk this would cause the dark entity to become free. Unfortunately, Aioun was too easily fooled by Oth'fruzernios showing sympathy for him and going against her gut instinct. Despite this, she would redeem herself by helping close a rift she caused and slaying Oth'fruzernios.


Not many relics of Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk exist, let alone survive due to their dark nature. However, some are known to exist.

Armour and dagger of Oth'fruzernios

After the death of Oth'fruzernios, his armour and dagger were lost to time. However, it is believed that it still holds some unholy power.


Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk is an entity that shows clear intent of eradication of everything. Creatures and other entities linked to it are also dangerous, many showing abilities that the average Alathrian should fear. Despite this, and the countless stories, interactions are rare and limited. There is even questions if some, if not any of it is real. Regardless, caution should be taken when dealing with such powers, as doing so will only result in tragedy.