Prsata Cold War

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The Prsata Cold War is a ongoing diplomatic crisis between the Australis Union (formerly Australis Confederation) and the Prsata Constellation, led by the Nation of Elyras. This conflict has been marked by propaganda from both parties and the fortifications of their respective borders.


The Australis Union was founded on June 15, 2023, whereupon it quickly started expanding. The Elyras empire was founded on July 20, 2023. The relationship between the two started very strong, with Australis building three warships for the kingdom, and in return, the payment for the ships stabilized the Newer Polk Economy. Gradually however, the two nations began drifting apart. Elyris formed an alliance with neighboring Sciathanach, and created a economic partnership with several other nations in the region. At this time, the Union was beginning to focus on domestic policy, with its leader, southnsniper, selecting a successor by the name of Apexiann.


Rising tensions

The Elyras and Schiathanach delegations soon began pressuring the Union to give up the territory, which sniper dismissed of any intention for. In return, the two nations started spreading propaganda, painting southnsniper as a paranoid tyrant willing to kill to get what he wanted. Meanwhile, the Union began to cut ties with the two nations, as they no longer wished to be associated with them.

Vladikovka incident

On August 1, 2023, sniper began negotiations with Vladikovka in terms of associating with the nation. Sniper promised the area to be made semi-autonomous. In response, Elyras began a political offense, painting sniper as a genocidal maniac and stating that towns never felt safe with the border enforcement. Sniper took offense to being compared to a white supremacist and the external pressures in domestic politics.

The next day, sniper organized a meeting where he voiced his concerns over the content with accompanying screenshots. Elyras further insulted the Australis Union, saying they didn't even know what a genocide is, and their borders are threatening the prosperity of the towns to come. In the following hours, allies of the Elyras empire attempted to gaslight the nation into thinking the fault was in them. Screenshots publicly shared would prove it wrong, and sniper once more took great offense to the betrayal of his former ally.

Fearing that his personal rage at the Elyrian people would start a bloody war, sniper removed himself from the Praeses position, being succeeded by Apexiann.

Attempts at diplomacy

A diplomatic solution was negotiated by Praeses Apexiann, and Apexiann was led on a tour of the allied nations. Meanwhile, sniper, now senate majority, found that alliances must be approved by the senate and state-level roleplay was banned due to their constitution. After a 2-1 vote in favour, sniper sent a respectful letter, stating that the Union wishes prosperity to the group, yet they also wish for economic independence.

Feeling offended, Elyras withdrew all diplomatic channels, and also began accusing the Australis People of racism due to a member's poor taste joke.

In response to this outcry, the Senate ordered that the Army would be called upon in case of a invasion. The borders of the Union were closed to all diplomats on August 3, with no date given for them to be opened again.

The two sides

Each side went into this conflict with set ideals.

Elyras and friends

Travistoo was under the impression that the Australis's large claim would be harmful to the prosperity of Prsata, and routinely called for sniper to surrender the claims. Travis also took offense to the lack of RP in the Australis Union, saying that no real alliance could be formed without RP. Sniper expressed no desire to roleplay.

Along with Schiathanach, the two regularly began digging at the reputation of both sniper and the Union. The two also regularly threatened the Australis nation, should a domestic invasion of Vladikovka or any squatter territory take place.

The Australis Union

Sniper regularly pointed to the claims that existed long before Elyras. The claims are used for resource gathering and as claimed land for future Australis territories. He, along with his successor, stated that no territory would be given up, and any illegal incursion would be considered an act of war. In regards to roleplay, sniper continually stated that the community of the Union has lasted for 2 years, so RP "was useless". In fact, the Australis Constitution prohibits any state-level roleplay, though roleplay of the private citizen is allowed.

Despite his resignation, sniper continues to hold his position as Chief of the Senate, and continues to advocate for the termination of relations with Elyras.

Parties involved

Despite the crisis being in its beginning stages, two distinct sides have emerged:

Australis Union
Magriviate of Lucredia

Prstai Constellation

-59 people

Quotes relevant to the crisis

-"Sniper repeatedly refused diplomatic rp because of the Australis Constitution prohibiting it" :Travistoo, Aelothi of Elyras

-“This resolution will benefit both nations. Australis will continue its economic independence while the Prsta Coalition is able to continue their steady growth. We wish the Prsta Coaliton peace and prosperity”. :Sniper, regarding the formal rejection of the alliance

-"I lost family in the holocaust don’t you dare tell me I don’t know what a genocide is" :Sniper, in regards to the claims that the Australis was perputurating political genocide due to a autonomy proposal

-"South you have a entire alliance watching this situation very closely" :Valani in regards to domestic politics of the Union.

-"long live australis" :rkn2562

-"Building a super tall sugar cane to beat the world record": UnlockedBeast48