The Inner Eye of Frebius

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The Inner Eye and its most forward qualities.

The Inner Eye of Frebius is an ancient axe belonging to the Frebius family generations before the founding of Eastwatch. Having originally been relatively powerful enough to grow the Frebius family's greatness into what it is today, it is now relatively average in power, although still great in symbolism.


The Inner Eye's origins are only vaguely known through eastern folk songs and tales carried on in secluded villages. These tales are wildly different in their descriptions of the usage and power of the Inner Eye, but they all share that the Eye was created by a great Sorcerer and wielder of Greensight.

The Sorcerer, having gone beyond mastery of the ways of Maejik of the far and secluded Far East through ways unknown by many and feared by the rest, is said to have, in its dying days, put a part of its life-source, talent of Greensight, and wisdom into the axe before finding a valid candidate to carry it into the midst of history in the future to come. This was all done because the Sorcerer saw it to be so. Pupils of this great Sorcerer, at some point distanced due to his extreme practices of Maejik, eventually founded the Inner Eye Institute of True Knowledge, an elite and brilliant society dedicated to the understanding of both real things as well as Maejik.


The Inner Eye was bestowed by the Sorcerer upon Dezydere Frebius, who he saw to be the right owner of the tool. Once given the Eye, Dezydere went from a position among the common smallfolk to a general in the army of one of the most prominent eastern nations at the time. It is said he lost no duel with the Eye. Onlookers of the duels against great opponents have failed to explain how Dezydere was able to dodge a certain parry while his entire back, seemingly naively, was turned away from the opponent, nor how the axe handle of what appeared to be wood would never, no many how many hits, even show signs of a splinter. Dezydere seemed tireless, cunning, and frighteningly all-knowing when with the Eye. Opposition against him and the entire Frebius family quickly gave way.

After a long line of continued dominance with the Eye, the Frebius family was eventually cornered in the Far East. Their power and might, given to them recently by the somewhat accidental assassination of one of the eastern kings with the Eye itself, were too ill thought of by the eastern nations. Overpowered by number and equipment reaching standards closer to that of the Eye, the Frebius family had to push back westward. Eventually, after traversing an entire ocean with the help of friends and allies, they landed on the northeast part of the continent of Prospit. Wishing to both have an establishment defendable and honorable, they established Eastwatch on the mountain of northeast Prospit. They forever continue to watch the east for caution of pursuit by their former people.


The qualities of the Inner Eye of Frebius are, to say the least, vague. The workings of the Sorcerer were of a degree so complex that even in this age the Eye's creation would have been beyond difficult to follow. The Eye seems to have fewer special direct qualities as a weapon, like power and sharpness, as it does qualities as a companion of the fighter. Tales carried down, songs still being sung, and descendants of awed onlookers have given accounts of a "merciless fury of destruction".

When a Frebius inherits the Eye, the qualities they seem to posses when possessing it (or in its possession?) seem to be variable. Dezydere, ambitious and cunning, seemed to be unstoppable in his wildly thought up strategies of attack when in duels. Meanwhile, Eustachy Frebius, King of the Hold of the Mountains Na Zawsze, seemed unimpregnable in his stance and infinitely strong in his slow attacks. Finally, Maurycy Frebius, Lord of the Dim Hold and Chancellor of the Order of Maejik, initially somewhat a jolly fellow with friends of sorts, indulged greatly in his ambitions of a place in history in the later years of his life, ambitions seemingly amplified and allowed by the possession of the Inner Eye when he outthought and overpowered resistance from the Order, weaponizing pupils of Maejik and wreaking an expansionist war of havok in the Far East.

Scholars at the Inner Eye Institute of True Knowledge, loosely associated at its origins with the axe, speculate that the axe has two parts to it. It is partly the Sorcerer, who eternally lives on through the Inner Eye as a companion of its wielder, both communicating in some way with them and aiding them with his infinitely complex ways of Maejik. It is also partly the owner. When the wielder wields the Eye, their true ambitions are made clearer, their purpose more evident, and their abilities greater. In the Eye each Frebius stores their ambitions, passions, ideals and ideas, and overtime those true aspects of themselves override the superficial aspects of themselves, creating a creature of purity and intention.


The Inner Eye currently belongs to the current legitimate Lord Frebius of the Eastwatch. This decree of ownership was made by Phin Frebius, Lord Frebius II, under the condition that the Lord Frebius in possession would use the Eye for the good of the exiled people and the Frebius family.