The Rhumish - Borean War

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The Rhumish - Borean war was the first major war on the server of Alathra, fought between the nations of Sondorboren and Rhumlaantd. The war was a dispute over war plans that had leaked from the council of Sondorboren into the hand of the Rhumish, followed by the murders of several high ranking

Rhumlaantd officials by the leaders of Kylindor, now known as Ferosindor. These murders kickstarted the downward spiral into a guaranteed war, fought with a single siege, outside the several skirmishes in Northern Adelaa'r, led by the Rhumish of Kylindor. This siege would be the first major siege to ever occur on Alathra, and would ultimately result in a victory for Sondorboren due to the heroic efforts of Auke, the hero of Kylindor. This war would eventually cause both nations to collapse in on themselves.