The Temple of Pater Carnis

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The Temple of Pater Carnis is the primary location of the religion 'Temple of Pater Carnis'.


The Temple of Pater Carnis
Founded byRa'thra
 • MasterRa'thra
 • Total3

The Temple is made up of a multiple rooms with different purposes and functions.

First floor

The first floor is the largest and most easy to access. It leads to the second floor and lower floors of the temple. The walls of the first floor are made out of netherbrick and have a stone brick structure. The ceiling is dark oak and the floor is a red, soft, warm substance similar to carpet with a Blackstone trim.

The grand hall

The grand hall is the first room one can enter into. Most notably it is the largest. The room consists of large basalt pillars and a bright red floor in the middle with some sort of purpose. On the far end a balcony sits looking over the entire room. It can be accessed by the second floor.

The halls

The halls of the temple are small compared to any other part of the temple. They allow access to the other parts of the temple.

The center

The center or middle of the temple is a tall room that connects the North, East, South and West parts of the first floor. The design of the room is largely different to other rooms as the floor is a pattern of different materials and the ceiling is made from Blackstone. It has four basalt pillars and a gold chandigarh.

First floor rooms

The first floor rooms have various uses such as farms, brewing, alchemy and others. The east end room contains a spiral staircase to the second floor.

Second floor

The second floor consists of a vaguely similar layout of the first floor but with some differences.

The walls of the floor are cobblestone with a stone brick structure. The floor is dark oak with red carpet and the ceiling is andesite.

Second floor rooms

The rooms on the second floor are used as housing accommodations for people who live or stay at the temple. They can be personalised by the person who owns the room.

First lower floor

When going to the West in the central room you can find a staircase leading down to the lower parts of the temple. The the design is similar to the first floor but uses oak wood instead of netherbrick and is not as tall as the other parts of the temple.

The classroom

The classroom is used to teach theory and history of magic.

The library

The Library is used for study and research. It contains books and texts about various uses, types and forms of magic.

The forge

Used to make equipment and sometimes teach certain types of magic.

The surgery room

Often used for complex healing and can be often used to perform and teach practical usage of Biomancy.


Leads to the second lower floor.

Second lower floor

The second lower floor can be accessed by the stairs in the first lower floor. This floor is the most incomplete area of the temple.

Ra'thra's chamber

One of the first rooms one can find at this level is Ra'thra's chamber. It is the most clean room in the temple. It is also where rare items, relics and other magical or important items are stored.

The dungeon

The dungeon is where all unwanted people are kept.

Ritual room

The ritual room is where students are taught magical rites and where other rituals occur.


The storage room is where all the temples supplies are kept.

The care ward

A place where all patients are kept until fully recovered.

Starlight condenser

This room is off limits to everyone but the higher-ups. It is thought that this is where the starlight from the Tower goes to.


The Temple is located North of Xenoarcadia and is surrounded by jungle. The Temple stands in front of a river.

The land surrounding the temple has shown signs of decay and the earth is being replaced by a fleshy substance. It spreads into the river and seems to have changed the properties in the water.


The Temple of Pater Carnis has several purposes. Firstly it is the primary place of worship for the religion. Secondly it acts as an advanced hospital for ailments difficult to treat. It even allows for full limb replacement. The Temple also acts as a school for magic, making it one of the first in Alathra. Lastly it acts as a foothold for the religion on Arith.

Notable features

The bridge

The bridge connects the path to the temple to the door as it crosses over the river. It is fairly new but is made from wood. Plans are in place for a more permanent setup.

The building front

The south side of the building is the only entrance to it. It has large dark oak doors and a structure that represents an eye. Statues stand at the beginning of the path and at the entrance of the building.

The Tower

The Tower is a structure that sits above the central room. It's a large tower made from Blackstone and seems to have a 'crown' structure on top. The purpose of it is unknown through at night it seems to channel starlight into the lower parts of the temple.

Outside space

The Temple has an outside space used for teaching and practice. It consists of a dirt circle.

Magical properties

The jungle the temple sits in shows high amount of Arcane and Flux energies. It is thought that this is due to both the mystical properties of the mountain and an abundance of forest spirits that live in the jungle, giving it a 'pure' energy of sorts.