Virtus carnis

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The Virtus carnis is a weapon welded and created by

Viruses Carnis
Native nameMight of flesh
OccupationMagical sabre made from organic subsances.
Known forBeing extremely gruesome in its ability to kill.

A magical focus.

Detector for Daemonic powers.

Ra'thra of the Temple of Pater Carnis.


The Virtus carnis is a sword made in the style of a Dao sabre. Unlike most forged weapons, the Virtus carnis was grown. Using a mixture of Biomancy and Metalamancy the completely organic sabre was created. The handle is made from bone with a skin grip, stylised to be leather wrapped around the handle. The guard is a keriten like material in the form of a disc. The blade itself makes use of metalloproteins and goethite nanofibers to make a seemingly metal material with the strength and durability of metal. Like most Dao sabres, the blade is curved.

The sword is surprisingly lightweight, allowing for quick and smooth slashes and cuts.

Due to the material of the blade it has an unusually high sharpness that never fades. It also seems to have the ability of 'healing' itself with the blood of slain creatures.

Along with this the blade was infused with the essence of infernal creatures, thus allowing it to cook and knock back those it hits.

The sword was created by Ra'thra inorder to defend himself from attackers, despite his lack of fighting ability.

Special traits

The Virtus carnis often acts as a normal sword in the hands of most people, but with the experience of Biomancy one can use its other abilities.

It's first ability is to 'untangle' itself. This allows it to quickly pass through blocks and parrys from an attacker. One can also do this to fuse the weapon with another item.

It's second ability is quite gruesome. When the blade is plunged into a person and it makes constant with bone one can either do two things; the welder of the sword can pull out the bone, or he can cause that area to get certain types of bone cancer that rapidly grows. Either way the person might die or be in extreme pain.

The third ability is its 'sense' of detecting Daemonic powers. Since it is infused with infernal essence it can detect similar energies.

The forth ability is to serve as a magical focus. This allows for spells and rituals to work far more effectively and efficiently.

The last ability is its ability to be stored in the body. This allows for the blade to be concealed away and not be detected. It also means one can call upon it any time.


Currently, the Virtus carnis is being stored away in a hidden place by Melevor, possibly to never be seen again.


The Sword is a Netherite sword with:

  • Fire Aspect 2
  • Knockback 2
  • Looting 3
  • Mending
  • Sharpness 5
  • Unbreaking 3