Temple of Pater Carnis

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The Temple of Pater Carnis
ScriptureThe Codex Carnis
Son of the First FatherRa'thra
HeadquartersThe Temple of Pater Carnis







Temple buildingsThe Temple of Pater Carnis

Jotunstan sanctuary

Egregan Church

The Temple of Pater Carnis is a religion that is based on the belief of a life god referred to as The First Father.


The First Father

The First Father, also known as The Father of Flesh and Pater Carnis, is a life god associated with flesh, animals, instinct and blood.

It's believed that he and another god created all life but he grew jealous of the other god and wanted to recreate the world in his image. However this caused him to be imprisoned and was forever banished from the world.

The First Father is confirmed to be the Tyrant of Flesh from the Olgardian Pantheon.

The Codex Carnis

The Codex Carnis is a book outlining how one should live their life as well as some prayers. The Book states that:

  • All natural urges and impulses should be met but if it is sexual it must be consented first.
  • The killing of animals must be because of food or self defence and nothing else.
  • You should respect the rules of others when in their land.
  • If one doesn't respect you, you are free to unleash your wrath on them.
  • Aid those in need and those who ask.
  • Harm those you harm you.
  • Be savage in your killing

And several others.

The original Codex Carnis is locked away in the main temple of Pater Carnis. It's said that the original contains a strange power.


Ra'thra is the leader and head of the temple and ultimately decides what the temple does.

He is the child of the First Father and is the most experienced Biomancer and overall magic user in the temple.

Magic usage

The Temple of Pater Carnis primarily uses Biomancy in its practices and actively teaches it to its followers. It also teaches and encourages the use of other magical arts.


The Temple of Pater Carnis has locations all over the world.

The main temple

The main temple of Pater Carnis is located in a jungle in Arith in between the FCA claims and the former Solis claims.

The Temple itself is a large, 2 floor complex with one entrance at the south face of the building. The Temple also has an underground floor used for teaching and study.

The Jotunstan sanctuary of Pater Carnis

The Jotunstan sanctuary is a place in Jotunstan where followers go for worship, magical practice and healing. Only followers and permitted people are allowed in.

The Egregan Church of Pater Carnis

The Church at Egregan is dedicated to The First Father.

The Desert Keep

The Desert keep is a building located in Ashina and was built by member _mads.

Notable members


The head of the temple. He is the most experienced in magic and the master healer of the temple. He is arguably the most powerful biomancer in Alathra. However his combat skills aren't good.


Also known as Orthigo the ruthless, he is a high ranking member and a good fighter. However his tactics in battle and treatment of others is what gives him his name.


Eldae is a highly zealous member who quickly went up the ranks of the temple. He is known as the person who built the Jotunstan sanctuary.


Zarules was one of the original followers from Nowhere and is a highly skilled mage.