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The Acquendavia-Dalleton Conflict began when Grandpa_Boob reiterated Acquendavian Claim over the entire continent of Prospit.

Opposing Sides

The Opposing sides were Acquendavia and its allies vs Prospit Organized Resistance Army (PORA) fighting on the side of Dalleton


The fighters of Acquendavia were:

Prospit Organized Resistance Army

Fighting on the side of Dalleton, the Prospit Organized Resistance Army fighters were:


Dalleton constructed an exterior fort to the North, known as Fort Viennski. It was made up of 3 towers utilizing trapdoor arrow slits and sweet berry bushes around the base and roof.
Acquendavian forces prepared for battle by brewing potions, sharing necessary resources, and creating a battle plan.

First Skirmish

The first skirmish was on 9/18. It began by the aggressing side attempting to breach Fort Viennski. With the objective of controlling an area longer than the other team, Acquendavian forces opted to hold off on declaring their siege until PORA forces were disarmed and demoralized. Acquendavian forces began by entering the spectator tower that had been built beforehand. This caused PORA to fire into the spectators. During this time, it was found some Acquedavian forces had the ability to break blocks. This changed how their battle strategy played out. They were then able to break a few holes into the outer fortifications of the fort, which were mended later in the battle. While Acquendavian forces were re-grouping, a contingent of PORA, acting outside of what Dalleton had hoped for, began sieging Savage Crow, a town owned by Chickenprism, hoping to draw forces from the fight at Dalleton. This lead to the downfall as it split the smaller army into two contingence.