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Dalleton is a fishing village located on the southern half of Prospit, the south-eastern continent of Alathra. It was founded on August 19th, 2021 by the player and character Busterbean. It is currently led by Busterbean's second character, Kotanor.

Dalleton is a stilt town built on a man-made lake that was originally a riverfork that split the Kitaburne into the Mishiburne and Toburne. The people of Dalleton are peaceful by nature. This is partly due to the peaceful tribesmen of the rivers and forests who the Dalletonians are descended from, and partly due to their religion, the Faithlow of Dallet. Dallet is the deity of Dalleton and the town’s namesake. Dalleton is believed to be a holy site by its people because it is the place that Dallet apparently showed Himself to the town founder, Busterbean, the Low Angler. It was this encounter that inspired Busterbean to found Dalleton, dig out the lake it stands upon, and start the Faithlow of Dallet.



The tribesmen of the rivers and forests have existed for hundreds of years in the lower half of Prospit, largely undiscovered by the kingdoms and nations of the world. It is from these tribes that the majority of the residents of Dalleton originated. The tribesmen of the rivers and forests are primarily a peace-loving folk, though they have been known to battle from time to time. The people descended from these tribes tend to be proficient with tridents and axes due to their practical uses as tools for fishing and woodcraft.


Dalleton was founded on August 19th, 2021. The town began as a humble builder’s hut situated on the central land mass in the middle of a fork of the Kitaburne River. The town existed this way for quite some time as resources and funds were gathered for future building projects.

Under the direction of Busterbean, the land between the fork was dredged out to allow for the formation of a man-made lake. This lake would be expanded multiple times in the coming months, and the first stilts of Dalleton would be erected not long after. In this stage of infancy, the town would be visited by very few travelers and would remain largely unknown. Most people that became aware of Dalleton at this time did so through missionaries from the town spreading across the world to teach about the Tributary, the holy book of the Faithlow.

Alathra was also embroiled in a world-spanning war at this time, that being the Entente-Elyria War. This conflict drew a lot of attention, which contributed to Dalleton’s obscurity. But it was not long before Dalleton received a message from King Grandpa_boob of Acquendavia, and the days of the small town’s irrelevancy were forced to come to an end.

Dalleton-Acquendavia Conflict

King Grandpa_boob of Lothridge contacted Dalleton about joining his nation, the Kingdom of Acquendavia. After a short correspondence between Dalleton and the king, Grandpa_boob stopped responding. After 2 weeks of silence, the king announced to the world that all towns and nations on the continent of Prospit would have 24 hours to submit to the rule of Acquendavia or have be forced to face them in battle.

The peaceful people of Dalleton were shocked by this proclamation. They didn’t want to be ruled by a king that was so contradictory to the tenants of the Faithlow of Dallet. The villagers feared they would have to capitulate to the tyrannical king of Acquendavia. But just before they sent King Grandpa_boob a message accepting defeat, they received a letter from Thaeorn of Taffasan to meet him in his inn.

In this inn, the Prospit Organized Resistance Army was formed by various people and leaders from around the world that condemned Boob for his actions. These people, all enemies to Acquendavia, decided that they would stand behind Dalleton in this conflict to defend the town from tyranny. In the aftermath of this meeting, Busterbean, the Low Angler of Dalleton, sent a message to the world declaring the independence of his town. The declaration condemned the actions of King Grandpa_boob and asked all the citizens of Alathra that stood for peace to stand with Dalleton in the coming conflict.

The eventual Batte of Dalleton would take place slightly upriver of the town proper, in the ruined cathedral once known as St. Viennski. The cathedral was transformed into a fortified bastion to protect Dalleton, and was renamed Fort Viennski.

The battle occurred on September 18th, 2021. On the side of Dalleton, 22 fighters would be present. On the side of Acquendavia, 6 fighters would be present. Onlookers and participants in the battle typically agree that it was very 1-sided, with the Prospit Organized Resistance Army being the clear winners. The following days would see peace negotiations between King Boob and the leaders of Dalleton.

On October 8th, 2021, King Grandpa_boob would announce his surrender in the Dalleton-Acquendavia conflict. The king agreed to a list of peace terms laid out by the diplomats of Dalleton, and subsequently dissolved Acquendavia as a nation. The Prospit Organized Resistance Army disbanded, and agreed to reform should King Grandpa_boob break any of the peace terms he had agreed to.


Dalleton is located on the continent of Prospit.


Dalleton is situated on a man-made body of water named Lake Heiligmere. The lake has a man-made island in its center where the Shiro Palace stands. To the north of Dalleton is the Kitaburne river which flows from the center of Prospit. The western and eastern corners of the southern shore of Heiligmere Lake each have a river flowing from it to the harbor to the south. The southwest and southeast rivers are the Mishiburne and Toburne, respectively. Dalleton is primarily surrounded by a birch forest called the Shiroweald, but the town is also bordering a dark oak forest to the south called the Kuroweald, a bamboo jungle to the southwest called the Takewead, and a savannah to the northwest called the Kansofeld.

Flora and Fauna

Dalleton is surrounded by a myriad of tree species. These include birch, spruce, acacia, dark oak, jungle, oak, and sakura trees. There are also giant mushrooms and various flowers and plants in the forests around Dalleton. Lake Heiligmere also has tall sakurobu trees growing from the waters. These trees, unique to Dalleton, have blue bark and pink leaves. They have an elongated root system in the water that results in their trunks not forming until a short ways out of the water’s surface. Several species of seagrass and coral grow from the bed of the lake, along with many species of algae.

Dalleton has land animals such as pigs, cows, sheep, wolves, and cats. Chickens are a rare sight around Dalleton as the villagers believe they are an evil race sent by a dark god. Horses can occasionally be seen in the nearby savannah, as well as pandas in the nearby bamboo forest. The waters of Dalleton are filled with squid, cod, salmon, puffer fish, tropical fish, and turtles.


The people of Dalleton are primarily tribesmen of the forests and rivers that have lived on Prospit for centuries.


The people of Dalleton typically have a laid-back outlook on life. The most popular activity of the village is to spend hours at a time relaxing on a boat while fishing. Fishing and fish in general are very important to Dalleton culture, with many unique fish dishes being invented in the town.

Humility also plays a big role in the town, as it is one of the central beliefs of the Faithlow of Dallet. A common phrase in the religion is: “Those that are lowest in the eyes of men are highest in the eyes of Dallet.” It is for this reason that calling another person “Low” or “Lowly” is, ironically, the highest form of compliment in Dalleton.

Dalleton also stands as a prominent hub for trade. This has made the people of Dalleton lively hagglers and shrewd negotiators. Bartering is part of the Dalleton way of life.

The people of the lake have also developed a love for alcohol in any form. It is very common for townspeople of Dalleton to spend a day fishing on the lake, and spend the subsequent night in a tavern to drink with one another.

Dalleton traditionalists have expressed concern of recent cultural shifts taking place in the town. Due to the Dalleton-Acquendavia Conflict being so prominent in current events, many of the once peace-loving fisherfolk have a newfound appreciation for battle prowess and combat. Village elders fear that some of the core beliefs of the Virtue Rhetoric, created by King Grandpa_boob of nearby Lothridge, have taken root in Dalleton. Namely, the linking of power to happiness and the overall emphasis on the value of power. Yet despite this shift, Dalleton remains a village that strives for peace before war.


The town of Dalleton is the holy city of the Faithlow of Dallet. Believers in the Faithlow are known as Dalletites, as opposed to citizens of Dalleton who are known as Dalletonians. Dallet is a fish god that followers of the Faithlow believe created all the water and most of the life in the world. The religion's central tenants include:

  • Remaining humble in all things, or "lowly"
  • Sacrificing one's time and efforts for the community, or the "school"
  • Sacrificing one's life to protect his fellow man
  • All creatures in the world are brothers and sisters, so using the resources of the land must be done so respectfully


The government system is a constitutional monarchy. The town is the capital of the nation of Sakan'to.

Foreign Relations

Dalleton strives for peace in all of its diplomatic relations.


Dalleton was at the heart of the Dalleton-Acquendavia conflict, fighting on the side of the Prospit Organized Resistance Army. The conflict was a victory for Dalleton.


Dalleton is allied with the nations of the U.S.A., Etrovia, and Estea.