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About the Sword

Afi's Radiance is a netherite sword of significant lore importance to the |Mufijo faith, believed to be a sword that Afi, the Sun God used during the thousand year Age of Struggle during the creation of the land of Alathra.

It was found by an Atolian fisherman named Pixel, off the coast of Wahat Almarjan on February 11th, 2020. It appears to be made of Netherite, which implies that this rare and unusual material has been in use for far longer than initially believed by most historians.

Afi's Radiance has ornate gold engravings, along with an unknown metallic orange hued metal that seems to be a contributing force to the unusual warmth and radiance of the blade. The blade is hot to the touch; to the point that prolonged contact could cause burns. The blade shimmers with a faint glow, despite the dark colouring of netherite. Two lilac hued gems are set just under the blade on either side of the hilt. It seems particularly effective against undead foes, able to take down all but a mighty giant in a single swing. Those that are unlucky enough to survive are ignited and severely burned.

Discovery of Radiance

Even as Pixel grasped the handle and pulled the blade from his fishing net a warmth seemed to radiate from the ancient weapon; the warmth spreading through his hand and arm, soothing and yet energizing him all at once. Steam could be seen rising from the blade, already nearly completely dry despite its multi millennia slumber beneath the cool waters. Upon further examination the handle is quite ornate for such a weapon, engraved with gold and metallic orange metals that gleamed in the light of the setting sun, designed in a pattern of sun and flame.

His gaze shifted upwards, towards the towering shape of Wahat's Mosque. The humble fisherman knew this was something that the Altan should take a look at. Just from holding it he could tell this was no ordinary weapon; at least not ordinary to mortals like himself.

           - Pixel, upon discovering Afi's Radiance

Current Owner and Usage

Pixel acts as the holy blade's caretaker and guardian; when it is not in it's altar upon Atolia Island it is in his hand or sheathed at his side; requiring a specially made sheath to withstand the heat of the divine blade. It is rarely used in combat, reserved only for undead creatures and opponents thanks to it's incredible effectiveness. It is more than capable of being used against living opponents and dealing considerable damage, but its keeper refuses to use it on anything other than undead.

Afi's Radiance is also used in ceremonial rituals, to pay respect to Afi himself. These can have varied acts involved in them, but commonly involve killing undead creatures with the blade, to pay honor to Afi and continue to use the blade for it's intended purpose, after being lost for so long in the ocean.