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Biblioaltius comes from the Latin bibliotheca, the word for library, and altior, the word for higher. this name was supposed to represent the fact that biblioaltius rose above the war and bloodshed in alathra through knowledge. at this pursuit, biblioaltius was moderately successful.


Biblioaltius is located on the most northwestern point of New Anglia, a snowy region isolated from the rest of Alathra. no roads lead to or from it, and heavy snow makes it difficult to fly to by elytra.



Biblioaltius likely was founded some time around June 20th, 2021, by Klassic, with the purpose of archiving and protecting knowledge. it started as a simple spruce and stone brick build with a cylindrical greenhouse on top. the interior was adorned with books wall to wall. but books are expensive, and although the sugarcane was easy to grow within the aforementioned greenhouse, the leather was difficult to acquire, which lead to a sponsorship from Thaeorn. due to this sponsorship, all books from biblioaltius are bound by Gaints Skin. another close partner was Vasya, who helped populate biblioaltius with its initial archive of books.


Although archiving knowledge was a good deed, it wasn't enough. Klassic grew anxious that he wasn't creating, and thus, spread libraries across Alathra. After a long search to find a good place for a new library, Invictus (formerly named Rome) was decided. after this was finished, he build more libraries in Blocksburg and Oakland. as well, during this time , the first volume of "KlassicMC's big book of quotes" was finished and published. the original is likely in the hands of Spainard, along with the Biblioaltian Blade.


Again, Klassic grew restless, but could not find anywhere else to build a library. this anxious feeling was temporarily satiated by the building of a courthouse on the south wall, a large defensive wall to defend the library, and the starting of a second quotes book, but this still left Klassic unsatisfied, and it was only a matter of time before biblioaltius collapsed. the final nail in the coffin was Klassic's death, which left him unable to run the library. during this time, Klassic worked to put biblioaltius into the care of Spainard. and then had to put it into the care of Thaeorn a few days later. Biblioaltius is now part of Taffasan.

Fun Facts

  • a sign outside the front door reads "the archive at the edge of the universe"
  • The inside of Biblioaltius is always a cozy warm, despite the harsh weather outside
  • a villager statue rose from the ground northeast of the library.
  • Klassic Smuggled villagers 1000 blocks underground from the defunct town New Svalbard. the tunnel he used still exists.
  • Biblioaltius had a strict vow to neutrality, and thus never joined a nation, nor participated in any wars. this vow did not extend to the curator though, and Klassic fought as a mercenary for savage crow. he did a pretty garbage job though, as he got 0 kills.