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Tiewínon "Celeste" Illure
Celeste's Attire
BornCeleste Ilure
Other namesCel
OccupationMayor, Miner, Warrior
Known forPeachfield

Celeste is a commoner from a realm few can tell the tales of. They are one of The League's most skilled fighters, though being someone who was never prestigious or praised. They are 18 years old and has become a local the people of The League.

Celeste joined the server on November 10th, 2021.

Current History

During their youth, Celeste was one of the Kingdom of Scotlandia's citizens. They were living the life of a commoner, fending for themselves, but was loyal to their superiors. When they were 12, an anomaly occurred, where a rift through space had opened in end dimension, being ever so curious as to what it was, they took their leap of faith. Sadly they wouldn't be found until being awoken shakily by a yellow man (I wonder who that could be) As Celeste's name implies, they were always quite fond of the Celestia (space) in which they spent their time, and they'd grown a connection directly with it as when they'd awoken, they found themselves in a new world, and was adorned by a glowing gem on the back of their neck...

Celeste was taken in by the leader of Kais Kogong, Game_Glider_SKG who was eerily similar to one of their friends in their former world, they were told to take some simple gear and make a living for themselves. They spend most of their time in The Library of Kais Kogong, studying the history of the past. Sometime later, Lopov asked for them to join the ARDF (Arcadian Royal Defense Force). They decided to take up his offer and joined to fight for Arcadia.

A few weeks later, Pitru Punstraia (IAmTheSenate13) sent a letter to Celeste, it was about Peachfield and it's future. He had requested to pass the leadership of Peachfield from Twist Bunger to Celeste. They'd thought long and hard and decided to accept the request, becoming the mayor of Peachfield and governor of the Elyrian Territory.

Celeste was sparing with Lopov just as any normal day, Celeste ran away to eat their food as to not lose sustenance, but Lopov was quick on his feet, and struck Celeste's neck. Celeste felt their fingers start to lose their ability to feel, then his arms, feet, legs, torso, and finally... the head. They'd finally awoken once more, in an arena battle simply known as "Legacy" (you know how this goes, they fight people, and train to become one of the most well trained fighters of his kind)

Once again, the strange occurrance with Lopov had happened with a friend they'd made in the world of Legacy, their body went numb and they blackout...

They had done it, sudden they were surrounded by blackstone, shulker boxes, a weird bee named Barry that was for some reason FIREPROOF, and... Twist, his trainer and mentor. After sitting down and talking for hours, Twist had invited Celeste to join him, in The League and in turn the PIB...