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Chillvibez4craft, priorly known as ClanofwadaC30, was a member of the Arcadian Altanate, and the town of Kais Jerriko. His location of birth is unknown but his only known living family member wass the demigod Billy Jr. who resided in the basement of Atolia before being murdered.

His dragon armor
Native nameClan of Wada
ResidenceDragon Skull, Kais Jerikko, Arcadia
Other namesClan, Chill, Vibez
OccupationFormer Prime Minister of Arcadia, Member of the ARDF, builder, connoisseur of pumpkin pie
Known forCreating the towns of Jericho and Kais Jerriko
TitleMargrave Clanofwada

Training arc

After the death of his mother when he was 2, he traveled to Atolia to meet his grandfather. When he got there, his grandfather said he could not truly be considered his grandson until he completed a quest to unite people under one banner and lead them in some sort of battle. As Chill was only 3 when he was told this, Billy Jr. did not require it immediately but instead trained him in combat till he was 18.

The adventure begins

By this age, Chill was a master of the sword, ax, bow, and barroom brawling. At this age Chill traveled to the continent of Prospit under the name ClanofwadaC30 and founded the town of Jerricho on the Northernmost tip of this continent. He had found a small unofficial town with two builders in it, Potipoti, and Pzychosocial. These two builders agreed to cede control of the town over to Clan with the promise that once he created a nation or moved on, they would be given ownership of the town under his banner. Here he gathered a small army to take over the continent, and the only conflict they had was an unwarranted attack. One of Clans friends had said they had been threatened by Game Glider SKG, so he took his small army and assaulted him. After the attack Clan got into contact with Glider and the whole issue was explained. Clan reimbursed Glider for the trouble and ousted the liar who claimed to be attacked out of his town. However, this conflict sadly heralded the end for Clan’s small town, as all of the other members except the original builders left to follow the liar. With the crushing of his dream, he decided to go and explore the outer reaches of the world. The town he left was later renamed Isvik.

The Time away

Clan headed out east for the next 4 years to lands beyond what is mapped. In these lands, he learned the secrets of forestry and woodcraft. Little is known about what he did during this time, as he had no living companions and he refuses to comment on what happened, but it is assumed that he either found a dead great dragon or through some means managed to slay one, as when he returned he brought with him the great skull of a dragon. He also picked up one more thing from his travels, a set of dragon bone and dragon steel armor. It is believed that he bonded with a sickly hatchling which he tried to help and raise up, but it sadly perished. Due to his raising of this beast, it is believed that he had some form of communication with it and that the dragon wished to give its body to make the only creature that had helped it stronger. Clan’s emotional attachment to this causes him to be angered by anyone who questions his helmet, as it is the skull of the dragon. After this loss, he headed back to civilization with the remains of his companion, and the skull of the great beast he located.

The return

Upon his return, he first visited his old town, Isvik. The town had not grown much in his absence, just a small population increase as well as a few houses. He greeted the new owner and got any gear that was left there before he headed back to his grandfather. When he got there Billy Jr. was still in the basement of Atolia island, but he gave him a new mission after he learned of Clan’s failure with the first. He told him to remake the town of Jericho under a different name as part of the Arcadian people, then raise it up. Billy Jr. told him that after he completed this, that he must try the first mission again, but this time to protect the people who so readily accepted him. He must build a fort along the border and be the Margrave of Arcadia. He met back up with Glider, who harbored no ill will, and brought Clan to meet the Altan of the Arcadian Altanate, IAmTheSenate13. Senate asked if Clan wished to create a new town or join an existing one. Clan chose to make a new town over the remains of an ancient village. He built walls around this town and with the help of other Arcadians’, he created a thriving, protected town in two days. He now plans for his fort along the border and helps supply the ARDF (Arcadian Royal Defense Force) so he can protect his new friends and allies.


Clan died in the Kais Kogong Library. He was reading through some text as he usually does, when the void creature, Eun, appeared behind him. A small fight ensued that resulted with Eun teleporting out, and Clan slowly being eaten by the void which had afflicted him from Eun's sword. Before the void could turn him into a void creature, he took his own life. His final words were, "I am sorry, I failed you."

Personal Beliefs

Clan had to duel any who kill or eat chicken in front of him, as those were part of his kind. He also quested for any remnants of dragons to honor his fallen companion, he would let the egg stay where it is as long as it remained protected. His greatest belief throughout his life was that he would be the bulwark that shields his nation from any attacks. He would greet the foe on the border, and crush all who dared to challenge his people. Once he returned after the death of his hatchling, he turned to the drug Copium. He was a firm believer that Copium is a good thing and that all people should enjoy and partake in it. However, as he was part dwarf, Copium affected him much less than other people, and he often forgot this while he tried to peddle it.

Political Beliefs

Clan agreed with Arcadia's political system of a democratic semi constitutional monarchy, as it gives some power to the people while leaving the decisions to the well-informed few.

Religious beliefs

Clan was a dedicated follower of the faith of Mufijo, and mainly worshiped the god of the earth, Xamu. Although his grandfather was a demigod, he did not worship him and he knew not who his godly ancestor is, he only went to Billy Jr. for sage advice.