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His Excellency, the Archchancellor
Drakkalon Metellus
Drakkalon Metellus, the Warrior Eclessiarch
BornDrakkalon Remus Metellus
Unknown, no further information (Deceased)
ResidenceThe Archchancellery, Solar Pyrrhus
Other namesDrakkalon the Warrior Eclessiarch
CitizenshipSolar Pyrrhian
OccupationArchchancellor of the Solar Empire, Grand Commander of the Knights of Solaris
Known forEstablishing the Knights of Solaris, promotion of the Solar Codex, Archchancellorship, and assisting in the establishment of the Solar Empire of Arith
Notable workDivine Charter of the Knights of Solaris, Solar Constitution of the Solar Empire of Arith, Imperial Code of the Solar Empire of Arith
Home townPyrrhus
TitleHis Excellency the Archchancellor of His Imperial and Solar Majesty's Government
FamilyHouse of Metellus
AwardsGrand Order of the Knights of Solaris

Drakkalon Remus Metellus, also known as solely Drakkalon or Drakkalon the Warrior Eclessiarch (born at an unknown time in the city of Pyrrhus) is a religious and political leader along with being a fanatical warrior for the Solaris religion. He is best known for his cold-hearted demeanor to those who criticize the newly established Solar Pyrrhian Empire and it's ancestral predecessors along with serving as the grand commander of the Knights of Solaris. With the establishment of this new empire and through his friendship with the now crowned Solar Emperor, Melevor II and through his masterful skills of administration and overall wisdom in all matters of state was appointed to the position of Archchancellor which served as head of government. In this new position he was quick to cement his control, utilizing the Knights of Solaris and with the blessing of the Solar Emperor to purge all heretical opposition left within the empire. Left without opposition, the now Archchancellor appointed political and religious allies into both the Imperial Estate and Consortium Solaris cementing an authoritarian but protective rule over the empire answering solely to the Solar Emperor.


Birth and Early Life

Drakkalon Remus Metellus was born early into the time of the Pyrrhian Collectivist Council Republic and is the son of a now deceased high ranking military commander who was very close to Melevor the Elder when it came to the strategic planning of military objectives for the PCCR and later the Kingdom of Pyrrhus. As a result, he became very close friends with an infant Melevor the Younger growing a very strong bond and were regularly spotted searching through religious texts and other historical documents in the many public parks of Pyrrhus in their mutual thirst for further knowledge. This increased very much so during the Great Alathran War when the two were hidden away in a deep bunker complex as their fathers fought overhead in many cities including that of Romanus Silva and Peachfield. As battles raged on over the course of a few days the inevitable defeat of what had been come to be known as the grand coalition became more and more apparent. This became very much apparent in the young mind of Drakkalon upon the news of the death of his father in combat at the side of Melevor I on the beaches of Peachfield. As a result of such continuous military losses on the battlefield, Pyrrhus began to crumble.

Downfall of Pyrrhus

With the death of his father and eventually the death of his mother soon after as a result of depression and the stress that it took to raise a family all by herself it was seen to by Melevor I that Drakkalon was essientially adopted into his household in all but blood and name as a result of his close relationship with Melevor the Younger. Following the downfall of Pyrrhus, Melevor and his family moved south, eventually settling upon what would eventually become known as Ceiltea. However, this was not the last time he would see Pyrrhus as soon after settling in Ceiltea, Melevor I was called once more up north to Pyrrhus in defense of it during the Unity-Luton v. Pyrrhia War bring along his son and Drakkalon to teach them from a young age the horrors of war and the triumph of those remain strong and patient while in combat. Through such methods, the conflict ended in a outstanding Pyrrhian victory with assistances from friendly outsiders.

Safety in Ceiltea

Finally returning to Ceiltea after the conflict and the now established Ard Saileach within the High Kingdom of Ceiltea with Melevor I now openly embracing Ceiltean Druidism unlike back in the PCCR, he endured a relative peaceful time to grow up and study religious and historical texts alongside his friend, Melevor the Younger. During this time, Drakkalon eventually became of age becoming very wise and intertwined with the teachings of Ceiltean Druidism alongside Melevor the Younger. However, this would all change when Melevor the Younger received a direct communication from the Solar Elk, Erses. From there, alongside Melevor the Younger they found the great miscommunication that put the entirety of Ceiltean Druidism off track. With this, they quickly went to work correcting such a major error in the teachings of the grand order calling for the complete replacement of it and the implementation of the Solar Codex that Melevor the Younger had drafted. Going off the basis set by the Solar Codex, Drakkalon went about establishing an underground organization with the knowledge of both Melevor the Elder and Melevor the Younger named the "Knights of Solaris." which would directly worship an individual laid out by the Solar Codex as the Solar Emperor extremely emphasizing the fact that they were direct descendant of the blood of the Solar Elk, Erses.

Criticism and Silence in the Union of Collectivist Council Republics

Upon the declaration of the Union of Collectivist Council Republics and the parliamentary system along with the constitutional monarchy being overthrown personally by Melevor I he became an outspoken critic of the regime change calling on Melevor I to revert such chaos and embrace his tradition and blood as King of Kings and ultimately the divine Solar Emperor under the Solar Codex. Of course, such calls fell on deaf ears as Melevor I had completely embraced the ideology of National Collectivism. Such criticism was not tolerated within the Union of Collectivist Council Republics but as a result of his close connection to Melevor the Elder and Melevor the Younger he was ultimately kept safe but forced to lower his public criticism. As a result, he was forced into silence in which he used said time to expand the organization he had created known as the Knights of Solaris utilizing them to hunt down what he determined to be heretics in the eyes of the Solar Codex, personally leading his men in the hunt resulting him being injured numerous times, the most noticeable of which being his left eye which had been permanently blinded as a result of a wound to the face leaving a distinct scar. Despite this, he continued in his hunt for heretics for the many years under the Union of Collectivist Council Republics. As a result of such ventures, he developed a name for him self as a religious warrior and ultimately an ecclesiarch as the population began the steady transition to Solaris as their religion, with that he became known as a warrior ecclesiarch amongst them.

The Second Crusade against Pater Carnis

With Melevor the Younger and Drakkalon the Warrior Eclessiarch both became aware of the re-emergence of the daemonic flesh eating cultists at Pater Carnis that were headed by Ra'thra they were both instantly alarmed as such evil cult like activities were occurring directly west of Melevorgrad. It became even more alarming when the temple began extruding outwards with some rotten flesh type creature out into the surrounding jungle, corrupting the surrounding area like any creature of void spawn. With that, Melevor the Elder was quickly informed by Drakkalon and Melevor the Younger in which he displayed great disgust at the re-emergence of the cult. This promptly saw the three begin planning the inevitable crusade against the evil void spawn in the west which was suddenly accelerated as a result of a direct insult to the Solar Elk by Ra'thra which prompted an immediate conflict. With the conflict brewing, Melevor the Younger and Drakkalon took to the streets rallying people to the side of a building crusader army preparing to take down the temple of Pater Carnis for the final time on Arith.

This newly formed grand crusader army began its glorious march in the night alongside supportive allies all the way to the outskirts of Pater Carnis and took refuge in a great fort constructed on the slopes of former Xenoarcadia. When morning finally arrived, the siege of the temple was quick to the begin with the cultists being pushed deep into the walls of their temple sustaining extreme casualties as the crusaders slaughtered them as the heretics they had become through the misguidance of this "faith of healers". Even with the casualties inflicted by the crusaders the cultists utilizing unconventional traps and ambushing units with their basic knowledge of the temple managed to pick off a considerable amount of crusaders. Melevor the Elder, Drakkalon, and Melevor the Younger were all executing their respective command roles throughout the battle with all three fighting and commanding their men on the frontlines. With this, it was almost certain that the possibility of one being injured as a result of direct combat was very likely.

For many hours the battle continued until eventually the remaining cultists alongside Ra'thra escaped the the decimated temple. After securing the many halls of the temple the crusader army declared victory over the heretics and made their way back to the makeshift fort that had been constructed as a main point of command and organization for the crusader army as the battle raged on. There it was made evident that Melevor the Elder had been mortally injured as a result of a cultist slashing his lower abdomen. As he collapsed to the floor, Melevor the Younger alongside Drakkalon and senior members of the Solar Ecclesiarchy gathered around him and chanted one final prayer for the King of Kings. Shortly afterwards, in the grasp of Melevor the Younger, Melevor the Elder passed away as a direct result of his wound and per the ancient code mandating death in combat.

Rise to Power

Following the succession of Melevor the Younger which who was now known as Melevor II to the post of Eternal Leader and General Secretary of the Union of Collectivist Council Republics it was obvious that the National Collectivist system simply would not do under the divine vision gifted to Melevor II per his communication with Erses. As a result, with the assistance of Drakkalon and his Knights of Solaris a purge of hardline officials was conducted and the political system that once governed the UCCR was systematically decimated. Following this purge there was no opposition left to the creation of the Solar Pyrrhian Empire, now known as the Solar Empire of Arith. As a result of this, the coronation of Melevor II as Solar Emperor went smoothly without interruption and was attended by foreign dignitaries from all walks of life.

Due to his faithful service and friendship with the recently coronated Solar Emperor, Drakkalon as a result of his extensive administrative skills along with his overall excellence in management was appointed to newly established office of the Archchancellor of the Solar Empire of Arith. Upon his appointment as Archahncellor, Drakkalon quickly set off on a path of solidifying his absolute power and authority over governance within the Solar Empire of Arith. Utilizing his Knights of Solaris and with the consent of the Solar Empeor he began adopting authoritarian policies which he set in stone with the creation of both the Solar Constitution and Imperial Code of the Solar Empire of Arith.

Through this and maintaining an iron fist over the Imperial Estate - a popular authoritarian dictatorship was established with the consent of the Solar Emperor, Imperial Estate, and the population. This authoritarian government has so far managed to protect and defend the people of Solaris and lead it towards an inevitable amount of prosperity that will eventually cement Solaris as a superpower among nations. With this, the great Solarian nation unites and understands that only together through their faith will they accomplish such a goal which is heavily promoted by the Imperial Government.

Political Ideology

Drakkalon Metellus is a devoted Solaris nationalist, advocating for the prosperity and inevitable expansion of the state to greater horizons through any means necessary. Drakkalon is very devoted to maintaining and growing the economy of the Solar Empire of Arith which has been through deals struck by his government with a partially nationalized company known as Solaris Goods & Co. within the borders of the Empire. However, as a staunch nationalist it is quite clear that he holds an absolute no-tolerance policy for any secessionist behavior within the Empire and is willing to use any amount of force or means necessary to stomp out any signals of such. Along with his nationalistic views he also seeks for the expansion of the state through imperialistic ambitions such as the creation of colonies in foreign lands to that of Solaris.

Religious Beliefs

Drakkalon Metellus is a hardline practitioner of the Solarian faith and is extremely hostile towards external religions which he deems as heretical and sewed with deep daemonic evil. This also ties into his position as an Ecclesiarch within the Solar Ecclesiarchy of Erses which he deeply prides himself with being the Grand Commander of its armed wing known as the Knights of Solaris. There is no debate with Drakkalon regarding his religious beliefs and those who dare challenge him will be at the blunt end of his complete and unrestricted hostility with no chance of redeeming themselves in his eyes.

Physical Appearance

Drakkalon Metellus is a tall and well built man as a result of the vigorous training exercises to maintain himself in the event that he has to come to the defense of the Solar Empire of Arith personally alongside the Knights of Solaris and that of the professional Solar Army of the Empire. Alongside his tall and built figure, he notably has decently grown brown hair that is maintained to the best form possible. Drakkalon also notably has grayish eyes alongside a large scar over his left eye which despite the eye looking injured and incapable of seeing out of works perfectly fine and does not hinder Drakkalon by any means. Drakkalon overall is a strong and healthy man.