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The Solar Kingdom of Eldia, or just Eldia for short, formerly known as Solar Dominion of Eldia or The Legion is a nation in the southeast of Gaushan.

Solar Kingdom of Eldia
Regnum Solarium Eldia
Religion Solaris
Demonym Eldian
Government Theocratic absolute monarchy as a constituent Kingdom of the Holy Solarian Empire
 •  Solar King
 •  Declaration of Independence March 8, 2022 
 •  Advent of Imperium September 1st, 2022 

The nation was named after the tribes which lived there in ancient times. Before its formation as an independent nation, it was called the Teufort province and was part of the Arcadian Altanate. The nation was proclaimed by its first leader, Headofmann Tilly Angolmois, who would later become King Helios I. Helios transformed Eldia into the Legion, a militaristic state which made great conquests over the time and began with the construction of the High Tower of Hightower. Under his reign, Eldia would become one of the major powers in the world of Alathra. He also reformed the Legion into the Solar Kingdom of Eldia, the modern state, that its today. Because of the King's mental health declining, he was replaced by his son and heir, Prince Zodd Angolmois, later to be known as the great King Mithras. Mithras began to strengthen the diplomatic connections with other Solarian nations such as the Solar Empire of Arith or the Solar Kingdom of Elyria.