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Netherite Dreistkleze. Reskinned netherite sword.
A netherite dreistkleze.

The Dantankleze is an ancient dreistkleze currently in the possession of Levrenn Hud'liv.

The sword was found by Sparkus Daougevret in the catacombs of Enezenn whilst the island was being excavated. It was presumably used to seal entry to the tombs, but the sword has long outlasted the doors structural integrity.


The Dantankleze was created thousands of years ago, forged for a Dreist Chieftain by the name of Garv Kab'liv. Very little is known about Garv, other than that he was a member of the Kantplac'h.

There is a scripture on the grip of the sword that reads "Poent-e enebour haen kouezhan gans aon".

Special traits

The Dantankleze supposedly holds the ability to project mortal fear into whomever the sword is drawn upon.

Field tests have been inconclusive due to people generally being afraid of large spiked swords infused with netherite.