Sparkus Daougevret

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Sparkus, a young and enterprising Breton, stands as the visionary founder of the town of Porzhport. Despite his youth, Sparkus possesses a unique skill set and a multifaceted background. Trained as a detective, he brings a keen sense of observation, analytical thinking, and problem-solving abilities to his role as the town's founder and leader. Sparkus's dedication to his community and his unwavering pursuit of justice and diplomacy make him an inspirational figure and a driving force behind the success of Porzhport.

Sparkus Daougevret
Photo of Sparkus
Daouleun District, Dreistelezh City
NationalityPrsatan (formerly Adelaarian)
Other namesSparky, Spark
Parent(s)Artur Lionmane (adopted)
FamilyDaouleun Clan


Sparkus is a 180cm tall, average build half-elf with dark-colored eyes. He bears a light scar above his right eye, adding a hint of ruggedness to his appearance. His preferred attire consists of a light shirt, a stylish red waist jacket, black trousers, and comfortable brown shoes. When utilizing his magical abilities, his eyes emit a faint red glow, showcasing his connection to the mystical arts.


Early Life

Sparkus hails from the prestigious Daouleun clan, known for their influence as merchants and politicians in the illustrious city of Dreistelezh. However, tragedy struck at a young age when the city fell under invasion by a demonic race descending from the skies. At just two years old, Sparkus was rescued from the chaos and devastation by a human traveling merchant named Artur. The fate and status of his clan remain shrouded in uncertainty, leaving Sparkus with unanswered questions about his lineage and the future of his family's legacy.

Teenage Years

Tragedy struck once again in Sparkus's life when his mentor, Artur, passed away from a chronic illness when Sparkus was only ten years old. Along with Artur's demise, the memories of the fateful day of the demonic invasion faded away, leaving Sparkus with an ever-present void and unanswered questions.

Motivated by a desire for justice and closure, Sparkus embarked on a path of becoming a Private Investigator at the age of 14. Drawing upon his natural wit and his innate affinity for magic, he traveled the world, offering his investigative skills to private individuals and occasionally assisting government officials. Through his work, he aimed to uncover the truth behind the invaders who mercilessly slaughtered his kinsfolk, hoping to bring solace to the surviving members of his clan.

Late Teens

Despite his relentless efforts, Sparkus had faced a frustrating lack of leads over the course of almost two decades. The search for answers had become a personal mission, consuming his every waking thought and action.

In a devastating turn of events, war ravaged Sparkus's homeland of Sondorboren, leaving the once-proud nation in ruins. Engaged in a fierce conflict with its continental rival, Sondorboren and its capital, Cathalos, succumbed swiftly to the overwhelming forces of the enemy. In the face of imminent danger, Sparkus, along with the remaining townsfolk, sought refuge and escape.

Using one of the sturdy flagship vessels of the towns, Sparkus and the desperate survivors embarked on a perilous journey, fleeing the crumbling remnants of their homeland. Their destination became the dwarven town of Highnamm, where the compassionate residents offered shelter and assistance to the displaced group. Highnamm became a temporary sanctuary, providing a safe haven for Sparkus and his fellow refugees as they recovered from the traumas of war and sought to rebuild their lives.

During their time in Highnamm, Sparkus and the townsfolk worked towards finding a new place to settle, a land where they could establish a new home and rebuild their shattered community. The dwarven residents of Highnamm, renowned for their craftsmanship and resilience, extended their support and guidance, aiding the displaced group in their search for a new beginning.

Guided by a scout, Sparkus was led to a long-abandoned island that seemed tailor-made for his people. The island offered ample space for their population, abundant resources, and a favorable proximity to the southeast coast of the continent of Prsata. Despite the stormy voyage that brought them to the island, as the skies cleared, Sparkus felt an instant connection, sensing that he had discovered their new home. With determination and perseverance, the settlers had established a small initial settlement, laying the foundations for their future town. He wasted no time and called upon his people who remained in Highnamm, urging them to join him in this new endeavor. The prospect of building a fresh start on the island filled Sparkus with optimism, knowing that together they could create a thriving community.

As time passed, Sparkus witnessed the progress and unity of his people. Sitting outside his modest makeshift shack, he gazed upon the diligent townsfolk, brimming with hope and joy as they labored to construct their new home. In that moment, it dawned upon Sparkus the profound significance this island held for its people - it was their sanctuary, a place where they could find solace and rebuild their lives. In honor of his ancestors and as a testament to the new beginning they were forging, Sparkus christened the island "Porzh," a name that would forever signify their haven.

Current Life

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With each passing day, Porzh grew and flourished under the collective efforts of the townsfolk, becoming a beacon of resilience and a testament to the indomitable mortal spirit. Sparkus's vision, resilience, and leadership were instrumental in creating this haven, a place where their scars of the past could heal, and where the promise of a brighter future could unfold.


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