Sparkus Daougevret

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Sparkus Daougevret
Photo of Sparkus
Daouleun District, Dreistelezh City
DisappearedLast seen in Cathalos
NationalitySondorborean (Borean)
Other namesSparky, Spark
OccupationHead of Science and Technology
Parent(s)Artur Lionmane (adopted)
FamilyDaouleun Clan

Sparkus is a young and enterprising Gwerin. Despite his youth, Sparkus possesses a unique skill set and a multifaceted background. Trained as a detective, he brings a keen sense of observation, analytical thinking, and ingenuity.


Sparkus is a 180cm tall, average build Gwerin with dark-colored eyes. He bears a light scar above his right eye, adding a hint of ruggedness to his appearance. His preferred attire consists of a light shirt, a stylish red waist jacket, black trousers, and comfortable brown shoes. When utilizing his magical abilities, his eyes emit a faint red glow, showcasing his connection to the mystical arts.


Early Life

Sparkus hails from the prestigious Daouleun clan, known for their influence as merchants and politicians in the illustrious empire of Dreistelezh. However, tragedy struck at a young age when the city fell under invasion by an unknown demonic race descending from the skies. Amidst the ruins, a chance encounter brought him together with a man named Arthur, a savior in the midst of turmoil. Together, they embarked on a desperate journey, escaping on a refugee boat from the horrors of their past.

Misfortune descended upon the vessel as it navigated treacherous waters, leaving Sparkus and Arthur as the presumed sole survivors. The tides of fate washed them ashore on the distant Cathalos Bay, a place that would shape their destinies. The compassionate people of Cathalos extended their hands to these weary travelers, offering them refuge and eventually citizenship within their vibrant community.

Teenage Years

As the years rolled by, Sparkus grew from a 2-year-old survivor into a 13-year-old who found solace in books and knowledge. Arthur, his stalwart guardian, eventually succumbed to age and illness, leaving Sparkus to carry on his legacy. Along with Artur's demise, the memories of the fateful day of the demonic invasion faded away, leaving Sparkus with an ever-present void and unanswered questions. The young boy immersed himself in learning, particularly in the realms of archeology and sailing, igniting a passion for exploration within him.

By the age of 14, Sparkus found himself drawn to the enigmatic Menydh ruins that loomed above Cathalos. Despite his fervent efforts, his discoveries yielded little that hadn't been seen before, until an obelisk hidden amidst the ruins emitted a mesmerizing hum in his presence. Suddenly, the very ground beneath him trembled, causing rocks and debris to cascade down from above. Miraculously, the falling rocks avoided him, forming a protective circle around his body. Villagers, roused by the tumultuous collapse, rallied to rescue Sparkus from his rocky confinement. Though they managed to save him, subsequent collapses condemned the site, rendering it forever off-limits. Undeterred, Sparkus's thirst for knowledge persisted. Villagers noted that whilst rescuing him, his eyes glowed red instead of their usual black.


Upon reaching 18, Sparkus set out on a merchant ship, eager to explore the world and broaden his horizons. He honed his skills in sailing and bartering, all the while seeking traces of the ancient civilization. Drawing upon his natural wit and his extensive skills, he traveled the world, offering his abilities to private individuals and occasionally assisting government officials for coin. His own personal quest, however, yielded no information about the Gwerin, nor the Dreistelezh Empire.

During his years of exploration and discovery, Sparkus encountered several extraordinary moments that defied the laws of nature. Sparkus repeatedly defied calamity; Cannonballs missed him in battle, collapsing ceilings avoided him in caves, and enemy blades inexplicably stopped before reaching him. These occurrences, like threads of fate, painted him as an extraordinary figure, untouched by the tragedies that beset others. He had come to recognize that these weren't pure coincidence, and something else at play. Elders from many civilizations spoke of powers given to mortals from the gods. They spoke of historic people that used their powers to bring about eras of peace and growth, but also war and calamity. The glow of their eyes was what tied all of them together.

Returning home at 21, Sparkus was met with the devastating news of war, and Cathalos lay in ruins under the relentless onslaught of cannon fire. Engaged in a fierce conflict with its continental rival, Sondorboren and its capital had succumbed swiftly to the overwhelming forces of the enemy. Desperate to find survivors, he raced to the Menydh ruins, only to discover a cryptic note urging him to seek refuge in the west, in a place called Highnamm. Following this guidance, he found a community of Boreans seeking sanctuary aboard Sondorborens' flagship at Highnamm's dock.

During their time in Highnamm, Sparkus and the townsfolk worked towards rebuilding their shattered community. The dwarven residents of Highnamm, renowned for their craftsmanship and resilience, extended their support and guidance, aiding the displaced group in their new beginning. Highnamm became a temporary sanctuary, providing a safe haven for his fellow refugees as they recovered from the traumas of war and sought to rebuild their lives.

Current Life

Time flowed onward, and at 29, Sparkus's voyages brought him face-to-face with an aging Sondorboren general, who recognized him from his past. Conversations flowed, leading to the revelation that supplies were being gathered to resettle Adelaar, the continent where they both hailed from. Motivated by compassion, Sparkus returned to Highnamm to rally the refugees yearning for a fresh start. Their journey led them back to Adelaar, where Sparkus continued his life as a wanderer, a seeker of truths, and a harbinger of hope.

Driven by a sense of intrigue and a longing for understanding, Sparkus felt an undeniable pull to return to the Menydh ruins. It was here that he first encountered the inexplicable force that shielded him from danger - a power that defied explanation. In his heart, he knew that unlocking the secrets of this ancient place held the key to unraveling the mysteries of his own existence. With determination burning in his eyes, he ventured back to the ruins, where his journey had begun, ready to delve deeper into the enigma that had forever changed his destiny.

Currently the whereabouts of Sparkus is unknown, with his last sighting recorded in the streets of Cathalos. Anyone with information regarding his disappearance are encouraged to come forward.

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