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This is a closed species. Please contact cheesedaddy on Discord if you would like to become this species and are willing to roleplay it.

The Gwerin are a mysterious species of diligent and wise people. Whilst similar in appearance to half-elves, their linage dates back as far as records show, and have been their own species for millennia. They are known for founding the great city of Dreistelezh. Gwerin are rarely seen, and those that are get constantly mistaken for half-breeds. So much so, that most people either have never heard of their species, or denies its existence. After the collapse of Dreistelezh, only those few who managed to escape in the nick of time survived the ruthless onslaught of the enemy threat. These few, known as the Kantplac'h, found themselves spared from the devastation that consumed their people.


Ilin Muntrer'klezenv, famous sell-sword who assisted many empires in espionage, was Gwerin
Fashion revolutionary, Kazh Kemener'roz, was Gwerin

The Gwerin generally slender, and are similar in height to humans. They have pointed ears and are very similar in appearance to half-elves. However, there are two defining factors unique to Gwerin. One is that their eyes are always colored black. When Gwerin use magic, their eyes glow the color of whatever their mothers eyes do. Another is that they have incredibly strong fingernails hair and teeth, requiring diamond tools to maintain them.

The structure of their organs is different too. Blood supply to the brain and rest of the body are separated, with two hearts beating in their chest. This allows for Gwerin soldiers to fall in battle but not become brain dead. Instead their body can be revived or if the damage is too much they can still pass down their knowledge to the next generation. The only way to kill a Gwerin outright is by either dismemberment or puncturing their very resistant lungs, which are capable of handling high pressures.

Gwerin tend to be naturally as strong as humans and elves. However they have much more endurance and stamina, and can train for much longer.


The Gwerin have several traits specific to their species. They are naturally attuned to magic and can use it without too much mana drain.

Several days a year when the planet Koadha is visible from behind Baot, all Gwerin become afflicted with weakness and lose access to their magic. Scientists from Dreistelezh had researched why for hundreds of years but no progress was made. Instead, every Gwerin carries a calendar with the dates for what they call the Koadha-Kuzhat. Before the day came, everyone would return to the Capital to defend themselves and the city. However, in modern times Gwerin tend to bunker down in solitude.


Gwerin culture is strongly focused on personal growth as they believe that you cannot have a strong army without strong members. Whilst strength and fitness are paramount, they make sure to not neglect mind and spirit. Gwerins don't have god they pray to. However, their rituals focus on warding away the evil of the world specifically to nullify the effects of Koadha's gaze.

Young Gwerin grow their hair out until they reach 15 years old and can take part in their Nevez'oad ritual. This is where they shave their head bald and use the strands to produce their first set of light armor able to withstand most blades. It happens on the closest day to their 15th birthday where Koadha is visible, so that the hair is softer and easier to weave. This marks the day they enter adulthood.

Due to its toughness, most Dreistians make armor and clothes out of their hair, and there is a big market for hair. Historically, Gwerin were enslaved for their hair but in modern times there is a societal respect and sanctity for it, as cutting the hair of a Gwerin is punishable by hanging. Knowledge of the hair is mostly unknown in the outside world, only sold in small amounts and in black market exchange.