Levrenn Hud'liv

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Levrenn Hud'liv
Photo of Levrenn
Other namesLevy, Lev, Renn
OccupationScout Corps Guildmaster
OrganizationAdventuring Guild
Parent(s)Garv Kab'liv (father)
Saoj Breou'liv (mother)
FamilyLiesliv Clan

Levrenn Hud'liv is a Gwerin born in Kalikhan. Born from a long line of Gwerin, Levrenn sets himself apart from his descendants of chieftains and leaders, and has focused primarily on the study of magic and its apparent absence.


Levrenn is of lean build at a height of 175cm. He has light brown hair and a fair complexion. His preferred attire consists of a light shirt, brown cloak, black trousers, and brown shoes. When utilizing his magical abilities, his eyes emit a faint yellow glow, showcasing his connection to the mystical arts.


Early Life

Levrenn grew up in Kalikhan to a noble Gwerin called Garv Kab'liv. His mother, Saoj Breou'liv, died shortly after his birth after unknown circumstances. Levrenn was a humble child, often befriending the cities youth regardless of their social status.

Teenage Years

Three years before his Nevez'oad ceremony, Garv and his other uncles died during the wars that plagued Kalikhan. Distraught, Levrenn shut himself away, focusing on his studies and counting the days until his 15th birthday. As the last remaining member of the Liesliv Clan, Levrenn vowed to himself never to fight for other peoples wars, and instead devote himself to his own battles.

As his 15th birthday approached, he performed his Nevez'oad alone at home.


Throughout his adult years, Levrenn kept himself busy with his studies of the world, adventuring and meeting with the different peoples of all walks of life. Whilst the illusive past of his people was a concern, he instead focused on securing their future. at age 20, Levrenn had only come into contact with three other Gwerini, most notably was Sparkus Daougevret.

Current Life

Levrenn currently holds the position of Guildmaster of the Scouts Sect in the Adventuring Guild. He also still resides in Kalikhan, just outside of the city walls. Levrenn has a particular interest in finding out what happened surrounding Sparkus' disappearance.