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The Kantplac'h are a group of 113 Gwerin that suddenly appeared in the realm of Alathra two-hundred years ago. Confused and disorientated, they roamed the land, spreading their culture and tales to the current day Alathrans



According to their tales, the Gwerin arrived from a time period where mana was still plentiful. Many stories arise from Gwerin stories and their magical feats, However, those stories and tales evolved to folklore, as the only magic that modern Alathrans recognize is no more than fancy party tricks. Many Gwerin became sages and scholars, some even legends. In this day and age, their numbers are much smaller, only consisting of a few families and tribefolk.

One tale mentions their arrival to this time. It tells of a demonic race threatening the survival of their people and a great nation called Dreistelezh. The demonic race was successful in its take over, but not before the Kantplac'h could escape. A powerful sorcerer named Saoj Breou'liv had managed to open a wormhole to safety, but due to the infancy of teleportation magic research, where it was a mystery to them. At the other end was our current time period.

From what we know, the place they came from was Alathra due to their recollection of mountains and oceans, and it was the year 2134 after what they call "The Cataclysm". However, their time period is unknown, and whilst its theorized that they came from the past, its not impossible that they are from the future. No evidence of their civilization exists, nor are their any known descendants of their race from before their arrival.