Mazera II

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In the Icebergs of the North, there is a humble town named Prisma, that is ruled by a young man named Mazera.

Mazera II
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CountryAzure Scripture


Mazera II is a young man with average body built, 6'4" (193cm) in height, has slightly wavy brownish long hair, a small mustache and blue eyes. Azuren by nationality, so the man has white skin. You can usually see him wear a black suit or armor.


A good fighter, skilled musician and an intermediate writer, likes to tell stories about his older brother. Is decent at talking to people (even women!) and making friends, assembling groups. Has a bit of brewery knowledge.


Not good at arguing, especially when helping others argue. Can be selfish and forgetful at times, but not often. Might get overwhelmed during a fight and start mindlessly chasing the opponent leaving himself defenseless.


Younger brother of Mazera I, the 3rd seat of Prisma. He is younger than him by 7 years, born in the realm of Korfei (New Athleen) without a particular name. In the age of 12 he was sent to Prisma alongside Centi Caduceus, without knowing that he was sent along with Mazera himself. Only after having found out about his sibling did he decide to name himself Mazera, but people called him Mazera Jr.. The young man knew, that he was the brother of the infamous Prisma citizen, as they had both seen a hooded elderly man (Varen the Apostol in disguise) after having a dream where they spoke to Zitarica. Mazera II has a lot in common with his brother: he looks very similar to him, often practices his fighting skills and makes Azurath Chocolate Milkshakes. He regularly supported Mazera I in his economic advancements, but once the crisis began and his brother disappeared, he wanted to take charge. Despite that, because Cornker was still alive, he didn't. After Superior's departure and Prisma's slow decline into vandalism and robbery, he decided to become the saviour. On January 28th of 10 AC, Mazera II turned 19 and decided to change things. He remembered his brother's ideas of "Renaissance" and hoped to bring them to life. First, he needed to fix the capital. Before that, he visited king Ines of The Lost Woods, who encouraged him to reclaim his town and gave him a lot of financial support. In addition, he got a free tour of Scarred Hallow. After that, young Mazera proclaimed himself the 1st seat of Prisma with no resistance. Before the new ruler began to rebuild the main island and making economic reforms, he was invited to the coronation of king Magnus of Steinheimr by Ines, where he enjoyed partying with other guests and even got a head of a criminal who disrupted the ceremony as a souvenir. Prisma still relied on farming, but with a lot more profit. Once upon a time, Mazera met a nomad commander named Denas with a group of 11 knights, who needed a home. He gladly took them in. The group were good farmers for 2 weeks or so, but soon stopped doing their job. They were then put as guards and given new equipment. Later on, with the help of Mazera, farmers managed to get the first 10,000 coins from trading crops. He didn't really improve relations with other nations, but he had good opinions on The Lost Woods and Steinheimr. His nation was growing steadily. Mazera's family ownings have been burgled and sold presumably by pirates of Sea-Man City. Outside politics, the man was trying to recover his family's relics, including the Zitaist Scripture, which was written by his older brother. He was able to recover Mazera I's bow and found the original book, which's copies had sold quite well across Alathra. The problem was, that he had to purchase it for 4,000 coins from Jon Lichdom, which he did. After the treaty of Astrious, Mazera attended a couple of events in Alathra, just to have fun. First one he had been to, was a Johnactualist sermon in Divinus Actualia. There, he met various nobles from all around the globe while waiting for the start. What was a Zitarica worshipper doing in a church not of his own? Just attending, since everyone was invited there, even people of other religious beliefs. The funi iceberg man liked to play his guitar and bass guitar to the people, who seemed to enjoy it as much as he did. When the sermon began and everyone was given drinks, Mazera grabbed some too. The drinks were very unique and tasty, but they made the poor man want to pass out. He passed out a couple of times, and when he woke up, he found himself in a bin outside the jail in Divinus. He got out of the bin and was shocked, as apparently, he had survived a huge massacre. The Superior of Prisma no longer found kittenberg funi, he feared those little yet deadly cat lovers. During the procedure, Mazera did say bneuiang a lot and praised John, so much, that he was even mistakenly considered a John follower, although he isn't. He still stays loyal to Zitarica, but does bneuiang and does like the Church of John. Then, he went to attend a funeral to pay respects to a valuable dead member of Steinheimr. Funnily enough, right after that, he grabbed his instruments and went to Scarred Hollow, as he was invited to Ines' marriage with Joanne Becker. Before going, he also took some recently brewed, you guessed it, 9 fresh Azurath Chocolate Milkshakes that he so enjoyed, to give them out. When the wedding started, Mazera couldn't sit in the 2nd row with Kaeden without hiding tears of joy. He would sometimes yell on accident and apologise right after. After the couple kissed each other, the funi man got out his guitar and began to play the Wedding March. During the party he gave out some of those milkshakes to Ines and Joanne, Kaeden, Zara, the Priest, Ihrin and Rikke. After the Priest left the stage, Mazera got on with his guitars and began to play and sing. Not everyone was listening, but those who were, loved the melodies and his voice. The drunker he got, the better he would sing. "All of my brother's promises of never drinking again can go to hell!" - he thought. Mazera also had hallucinations, where he saw a small ginger kitten and a running netherite ingot he couldn't pick up. After his performance, he was given gifts for his amazing singing and guitar playing. Mazera got a dandelion from Ihrin and 5 golden carrots from Kaeden. As the young man said his goodbyes to everyone, he was stopped by Hybie, who claimed that she loved his little concert more than anyone else and gave him 15 diamonds. The public was as shocked as Mazera, before going back to their talks. He thanked everyone and left the Hallow. Returing to Prisma, he had found out that the population has increased by 14, which wasn't perfect, but still was good. The town's economy was doing very well. Not the richest, although still, ~90,000 coins was and is a lot. Some good news came to Mazera that day: he found Centi Caduceus, a veteran Azuren, who was planning on returning to the capital. The Renaissance was slow, but steady. Was it even Renaissance anymore? This was... more like prosperity!