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Flag of Prisma
StatusKingdom Capital

Prisma is a town located in the west region of the Icy Unknown, serving as the capital of Azure Scripture.


The town was founded on May 8, 3 AC after the failure of Korli by Cornker, Ghoopy and Sir Steinie. It consisted of unnamed 2 islands. The town was originally named Azure Scripture, before being renamed to Prisma. The town's government was purely simple: Cornker taking the 1st Seat, Ghoopy taking the 2nd Seat and Steinie casually supporting them with materials from his hometown Kalikhan. They also called out their friend Romeo Canti to create a neighboring castle Cantium. Soon, 2 new colonists came: Centi Caduceus and Mazera. With the help of their work, they finished construction of the Superior's Palace and small ship docks. On May 19, 3 AC, the nation Azure Scripture was officially formed. Since then, the town bank started growing with speed, thanks to the beetroot plantations in the cores of the main island. Year 4 was spent on farming and selling, which led to it gaining 50,000 coins.

Prisma and Cantium on June 28, 4 AC

With the help of Mazera's hard work, The Icy Path had been constructed for the ships to go through. It was then surrounded with 3 houses and docks for bigger ships. To mark the town on the map, Mazera built a sign that said "PRISMA". The amount of traders however hadn't increased. Later, Centi built a tower for the Prisma Platoon guards. Following the Superior's great departure, the town's construction process was slowed down with no ability to recruit new citizen. On June 29, 4 AC Mazera constructed the first brewery in the Icebergs, making Azurath Chocolate Milkshakes as the first drinks.


The town's mayor is Cornker. At the same time, the mayor of the town is the nation leader. Leader's title - Superior. When the Superior is absent, his spot is taken by Sir Steinie. 2nd Seat is taken by Ghoopy, and some speculate that Mazera takes the 3rd Seat.


Flora and Fauna

Polar bears often roam the islands of Prisma, some learning to be friendly to the settlers. The soil is taken from mainland, but when overgrown with grass, the grass gains a weird gray color. Sugarcane and beetroot brought from the mainland managed to adapt to the cold. Main source of food is chicken meat, taken from Domestic Kutharan hens.


Cold water with a lot of Icebergs, 3 man made islands. Main method of transportation is either bridges or boats.


The ethnicity of Prisma is 100% Azuren.


Prisma and Cantium on June 29, 4 AC

The culture adapted by Prisma is Zitaic.


A bright color palette in buildings, mostly built out of quartz and salt taken from the Salt Flats in Kuthara. Citizen commonly wear white robes.


The only religion is Zitaism. Zitaists worship Zitarica, the goddess of Corn. The unofficial Holy Place is the Superior's Palace.