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Sherman of Peachfield
OccupationLord Commander of the Grand Elyrian Army
Known forLeader in Elyrian politics, Former Emperor of Elyria

ShermansWorld also known as Sherman is an Elyrian originally from the town of Peachfield. He is most famous for his role in Elyrian politics, eventually proclaiming himself Emperor. At this time he is in his late 50's and has come out of retirement to lead the Grand Elyrian Army as Lord Commander. He currently serves in the court of _SHS_ also known as King Aldrich Teagan of Elyria.


The Farmer

Sherman was born into a lower class family who lived in the rural area surrounding the settlement of Peachfield, located in central Gaushan. As a teenager Sherman worked as a farm hand to a local lord in order to help support his family.The lords that owned the land were quite harsh on the peasants and Sherman was often forced to toil in the fields for up to 14 hours a day for a meager wage. As a young adult he became involved in a conspiracy led by a man named Eiric. The goal was to overthrow the local lords and grant additional freedoms to the farmer class. The uprising started a few months later and saw more and more farmers refuse to work and take up arms against their lords. Many of the soldiers that were sent to squash the uprising many refused to kill the farmers armed with crude tools and leather scrap armor. They instead sympathized with the cause and some even saw it as an opportunity to gain additional freedoms themselves. Sherman himself was spared by one such soldier after he tried to attack him with his family's old pitchfork. The uprising was ultimately successful and a Farmer's Council was installed with Eiric being the head of state.

Entering Politics in Peachfield

During the uprising Sherman made a name for himself by being courageous, perhaps to the extent of outright stupidity. He showed no fear to the Lords' soldiers and was noticed by leaders of the uprising including Eiric. Sherman was offered a position on the Farmer's Council which he graciously accepted at the age of 19. Sherman was able to get a full education over the next few years and was one of Eiric's most trusted advisors.He played an active role in developing Peachfield, particularly in its early stages and spent most of his time working in and around the city. Sherman also took an interest in Peachfield's militia and began formal training as a soldier himself.

Securing Peachfield's Sovereignty

Peachfield made an early splash on the world stage when a heavily armed assassin from P.I.B. attacked the settlement and was subsequently killed. When the Peach Farmers refused to return the assassin's gear residents of foreign nations such as the FCA, Ashina, and Kogongu got directly involved in the conflict, sending troops to Peachfield. With the sovereignty of the young city being threatened Sherman took up arms and fought valiantly to defend his home against the heavily armed invaders. The resulting conflicts were bloody and drawn out, with fighting occurring on both Arith and Gaushan. Peachfield was ultimately able to secure its sovereignty, and this allowed for the state to grow and Sherman to gain more power on the Farmer's Council.

The Elyrian Ambassador

The nation of Elyria was founded by the citizens of Peachfiield and the neighboring settlement of Briscoe Ranch. Elyria was formed out of a necessity to ensure that the people of central Gaushan had a state that united them with a common identity and ideals. When Eiric overthrew the Farmer's Council Sherman was promoted to Master of Diplomacy for Elyria, acting as the primary ambassador to the state. Sherman went on to play a key role in negotiating many of the treaties, alliances and agreements that Elyria would sign with other nations. Sherman personally finds it insulting for diplomats to engage in meeting while wearing war (netherite) attire. It is this reason why Sherman started the tradition of wearing ceremonial chain armor when engaging in diplomacy. He became so well-known for this that he was permitted to wear his chain armor during sessions at the Alathra International Assembly despite there being a ban on brandishing weapons and armor.

The central region of Elyria known as Elyria Proper

Governor of Peachfield

Sherman was also granted the title of Governor of Peachfield for the role that he played in the city's growth. Sherman oversaw the general expansion of the city, the construction of Elyria's road network, a grand trading station, and Port Peach. Eventually Sherman passed on this title to Devox_Runeheart, who had been working hard on transforming Peachfield into a true capital city in both appearance and function. Thanks to the efforts of Devox, Sherman and Ralf (Attune) Peachfield is one of the most developed cities in all of Alathra.

Peach-Fu Fanatic

Sherman and his long-time friend Thaeron of Taffasan are both hand-to-hand combat enthusiasts. It soon became a competition of sorts to see who could better master the technique, This is how the fighting philosophy of "Peach-Fu" was born, amd its students include Sherman, Thaeron, Attune, Dabreadking and others.

The Hermit Slayer

Elyria, emboldened by its military and diplomatic successes, began acting aggressive towards settlements within Gaushan who's capital was based in another continent. When Elyrian troops which included Sherman landed on the shores of Lyon and demanded session from the Ashina Empire this was the last straw for the Ashinian-born Kogangi hermit known as Hargreevs. She took it upon herself to launch ambush attackers in Peachfield and other Elyrian towns in an act of revenge. Hargreevs wielded a powerful relic known as the Wood Lore Axe, granting her unbelievable strength. Sherman found himself fighting the Hermit in the fields outside Peachfield on multiple occasions, often having to retreat inside the castle walls. A plan was soon formed to kill the hermit once and for all. In Kaer Nevura a trap was set by Yusan. Sherman delivered the final blow and slew the hermit in the castle chambers of Kaer Nevura, securing the Lore Axe for Elyria.

Service in the Great Alathran War

As the primary Elyrian diplomat Sherman was directly responsible for drafting and delivering the ultimatum to the FCA that would lead to the outbreak of the Great Alathran War, the largest war Alathra has ever seen. Outnumbered at least 8-1 the Elyrian council made the decision to divide its army and go on the attack in order to avoid getting overwhelmed in the homelands. A small, elite detachment of fighters was stationed in Fort Retribution (an offensive fort constructed near Romanus Silva) in order to distract Entente forces. Sherman led the second detachment which focused on aggressive hit and run tactics in order to secure more gear and keep the enemy on its toes. This detachment was a diverse force that included the Knights of Sol and the Peachfield garrison, He began by leading a raiding party into the Fossores Republic, which achieved minor success. Raiding continued in other lands which kept the Entente forces divided, as many of them decided to remain at Fort Retribution fearing an Elyrian siege. Sherman then went on to lead the siege of Nevermore Castle in Southern Gaushan, successfully capturing the Entente stronghold. Simultaneously, the Elyrian town of Savage Crow in Northern Gaushan was under heavy siege by Entente forces. All Elyrian forces including Sherman were then called to defend the city. Elyria was able to take advantage of the situation by attacking the besieging forces from multiple sides at the same time and using the town to resupply.soldiers mid battle.

The Battle of Peachfield

Following its initial losses, the Entente decided to mass its soldiers into one combined fighting force and lay siege to the Elyrian capital of Peachfield. The result was the largest single battle in Alathran history with approximately 40 combatants in total. Exactly eight Elyrians, including Sherman, fought for their very existence. The Elyrians once again took advantage of hit and run attacks and were able to whittle down the much larger attacking force in a battle of attrition.The result was a decisive Elyrian victory and Entente forces treating from Gaushan.

Peace Restored in Alathra

A temporary cease fire was called as many nations wished to end the fighting. Sherman had a key a role in negotiating peace with Lydoneia and the Arcadian Altanate. Fighting continued with the FCA including a stalemate at the battle of Redwood, which saw some of the most intense fighting in the entire war. When it became clear that neither side wished to continue fighting peace talks were scheduled in Peachfield. Sherman aided in negotiating a treaty between the FCA and Elyria and the war ended. The treaty demanded that $200,000 be paid to Elyria for reparations which were never received. To this day Sherman believes the FCA owes Elyria these reparations but the FCA argues that both nations have reformed multiple times and that the treaty is no longer valid. Sherman views the FCA as dishonorable and untrustworthy, even going as far as to denounce them in the Alathra International Assembly.later in his life.

Physical Appearance

Sherman is a man of average height and stature. He is also an older man, currently in his late 50's. Sherman's most prominent physical feature is that he has heterochromia also known as two different colored eyes.

Character Traits and Beliefs

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