The Anti-Kitten Coalition

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The Anti-Kitten Coalition, or AKC, is a military alliance created in response to the war crimes and human rights abuses committed by the Kittentopian Empire. While seemingly powerful, it is fraught with corruption, with many of the signatures on multiple important treaties being forged.


The Empire of Styvaria

The Empire of Styvaria is majority Johnactualist, and so joined the coalition in response to Kitten persecution of the Church of John.

The Kingdom of Adelaa'r

An important ally of Styvaria and many other AKC nations before the war and having a small Johnactualist minority, the Kingdom was compelled to assist its political and religious allies by joining the Coalition.

The Church of John

As the main target of Kittentopia's crimes, the Church of John actually formed the Coalition. It was betrayed by most of its other members and is currently only a loose part of the coalition, but still relies on the support of its allies.

The Commonwealth of Blackthorn

Recently, a civil war began in the Commonwealth of Blackthorn between the Wivamovian Insurrectionist Movement and the Commonwealth Royal Government. The Wivamovian rebels are supported by the Kittens, so the Commonwealth, a founding member of the Coalition, has become even more involved in the coalition then ever before.

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