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Aqoras Fraemani
Aqoras' Standard Uniform
Native nameAqoras Fréjmani
Pronunciation[ˈɐko.ras freːmɐ.ni]
BornTurtle 21, 6 Alathran Zodiac (age 20)
Kais Kogong
ResidenceKais Kogong, Arcadian Altanate
Other namesKeson, Akoras, Acoras
CitizenshipArcadian Altanate
OccupationGuard to the Altan
OrganizationMufijo Faith
Parent(s)Oegdwin Hungwahje (father), Keru Hungwahje (mother)
RelativesGlider Fraemani
FamilyFraemani, Hungwahje (Formerly)

Aqoras Fraemani, also known by his Arcadian name Aqoras Fréjmani or his original name Keson Hungwahje, is a guard to Glider Fraemani, Altan of Arcadia. Born as Keson Hungwahje in the burgeoning Federation of Kogongu, his loving family was broken apart by two terrible tragedies. After his father Oegdwin perished while fighting for the defenders of Homo Town, Keson lost his mother Keru to disease, and he was forced to live on the streets of Kais Kogong. Through thievery and street-smarts, Keson was able to survive, until eventually being taken in by Glider Fraemani, at the time just the Governor of Kogongu. Glider adopted Keson into his Mufijo clan, the Fraemani (Fréjmani in Arcadian), and changed his first name to an Arcadian one, Aqoras. Upon Glider's ascension to Altan of Arcadia, Aqoras moved up the ranks to become the most senior guard to the Altan. Aqoras is well known among Arcadians for his exceptional loyalty to the Altan, excellent fighting skills, and stubborness.


The name Aqoras is an Arcadian word translating to something like unstoppable or unwavering. This name, chosen by Aqoras himself, was based on his unwavering nature during combat and his loyalty to the Altan.

Aqoras' original Kogongi name, however, was based on a different aspect of his personality. The name Keson is a combination of the Kogongi words ke, the verb speak, and sonta, the word not or any sort of negative particle. Thus, the name roughly translates to he who does not speak or don't speak. The name was given to Aqoras by his parents, due to how little he spoke in his youth, a trait which has persisted as Aqoras has become older, although it is most prevalent with strangers. As for his original last name, Hungwahje translates directly from Kogongi as killer or butcher, the profession of his father Oegdwin, who worked as a mercenary for much of his life.


Early Life

On Turtle 21, 6 AZ, Keson Hungwahje was born to an newly-wed couple in the nascent city of Kais Kogong. The Hungwahje family was a mixed one, consisting of Keson's mother Keru (neé Shizuka), a recent Ashinian immigrant, Keson's father, a Kogongi mercernary named Oegdwin, and Keson himself. The family enjoyed a pleasant life on the shores of Morgana Bay, reaping the fruits of living in such a rapidly expanding city as Kais Kogong. Keru's work as a bartender at the popular Singing Squid Inn and Oegdwin's exploits as a mercenary abroad provided a large, albeit shaky income for the family. Unsurprisingly, with a job as dangerous as being a mercenary, Oegdwin had made preparations for the day he came home in a coffin. Yet, none in Hungwahje family were prepared for how soon that coffin would arrive on their doorstep. While fighting at Homo Town for his wife's Ashinian relatives against the expanding Elyrian Empire, Oegdwin was shot in eye with an arrow, dying instantly. His death devastated the young Keson and his mother, though Keru attempted to stay strong for her now fatherless son. Unfortunately, Keru would not have much a chance to replace the income lost by Oegdwin's death, as she died mere weeks after her husband's body arrived in Kais Kogong.

Life on the Streets

With no more legal owners of Hungwahjes' home, the property was taken over by another family, while the young Keson escaped to live on the streets. Using the limited combat skills his father had taught him, Keson was able to survive without a steady income, sneakily living in back alleys and inns of the newly Arcadian city. As the years trudged on, Keson would perfect his tactics of evasion and combat, becoming incredibly skilled in the art swordsmanship specifically. With such a skilled criminal plaguing Kais for years, Glider Fraemani, at that time merely the Governor of Kogongu, decided removing Keson as a threat would be a perfect way to solidify his control over the city and win the favor of its people.

One night, as Keson snacked on a stolen morsel from the Singing Squid, Glider and his most trusted guards launched a surprise sweep of the city. Keson frightened, fled the area, hoping to escape to a part of the city he believed had already been investigated. Keson could barely catch his breathe by the city's stables before Governor Fraemani emerged with his lieutenant from behind some horses. Glider's lieutenant charged Keson, and a fierce duel broke out between the two. The fight carried over to the nearby markets as Glider watched on, intrigued by the criminal's fighting capabilities. Finally, Keson landed a hit on the lieutenant leg's, knocking him to the ground and prompting Glider to unsheathe his sword and put it to Keson's throat. As the lieutenant laid defeated, the criminal dropped his sword and begged for mercy from the Governor. After thinking for a moment, Glider removed his sword from Keson's neck and told him to kneel. The criminal complied, upon which Glider proclaimed he would cleanse Keson of his crimes and pardon him of the assault against his lieutenant. Further, Glider would induct Keson into his own Fraemani Clan, and rigorously train the criminal into a proper guard. For the first time since his mother's death, Keson could finally call someone his kin.

Guard of the Fraemani

Political Beliefs