Bingi Fynn

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Rio Fynnvar, better known as Bingi is a pink Axolian with pink hair and fins, and green eyes. Their pink hair is medium-length and curly, most times covering their eyes. They have draconic features that strike an odd appearance with their long gray-brown horns, small wings, and a slim, whip-like tail.

Bingi surveying the area of the Celestiae capital, Lunaria.


Bingi was abandoned by their biological parents next to the Thorn River that flows through Zethortal and The Scarred Hallow at a young age. They were later found by Melphor Fynnsea-Danl, who took them in as her own. They grew up sheltered by the outside world, their mother terribly worried by her own experiences within the harsh land of Alathra that she would much rather keep her child safe inside her home. However a few months after the two moved to Eclipsa, a settlement in Prsata, Melphor disappeared with no prior telling to anyone where or why she left, leaving Bingi alone and unknown to this new world. Now they must learn how to effectively live, as well as take on a burden and responsibility as the Starholder within the walls of Celestiae, the sanctuary nation of the Elven-Fae and Selunari.


Bingi, quite plainly struggling with their new role as Starholder, took two months to meet a variety of different people. They bonded with the people under the nations of the Scarlet Sun Dominion, and The Chiefdom of Idrolia, largely based around their friendship with Melphor, whom Bingi had grown to dislike after some time thinking about just how unreliable her parenting was.

After several weeks of battling their growing insomnia, it seems as though luck isn't on their side. Waylin speaks with Bingi about a vision he had, of their mother, who spoke of a great danger to come to the Alathran Realm. Overwhelmed and quite frankly too mentally tired, they fled back to Eclipsa, where they tended to their new role as Astrarch.

Astrarch was a sacred role given to the nation leader of The Kingdom Of Celestiae and with this new role, it gave them many responsibilities to uphold. Seeking a route of income to help support the kingdom, they met and made a deal with Vormaug Drakinark. However, having heard rumors from across the seas of a possible war between their dear ally and family of The Chiefdom Of Idrolia and their new business partner, they quickly cut the deal off. They knew of the consequences of breaking a deal early but at the time, they simply wanted to help their friends prevent certain war.

Getting threatened on their own territory by Vormaug wasn't the worst though. The worst was that he took that threat very seriously. Weeks later after the deal had been broken, a seemingly lonely adventurer strolled into Eclipsa. Kristof Ladislaus, he called himself. The conversation went fine until he drew his sword and asked for a spar. When Bingi politely declined, they were told they had no choice. They got extremely hurt and carried many deep gashes and bloodied wounds from the attempted murder but luckily, their fellow Starholder, Celyni Darkmoore was around to help. Celyni agreed to take the role of Astrarch for Bingi as he helped them heal, suggesting they move to get away from this aggression. Bingi hesitantly agrees and moved to Solevant Solos with Aleesia Grimsbane and under the protection of The Chiefdom Of Idrolia.


• Mother (estranged): Melphor Fynnsea

• Father: Khi Aquafin

• Aunt: Khimrie Bronzefin

• Adoptive Father: Waylin Vartilian

• Adoptive Brother: Benny Stormcall

• Adoptive Sibling (unofficial): Ines Nicosia