Bingi Fynn

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Rio, Bingi Fynnvar

Rio, better known as Bingi is a bronze-skinned, pink Axolian with pink hair and blue eyes. Their pink hair is medium-length and curly, most times covering their eyes. They wear a white and magenta dyed tunic with a hand sewn flower and olive green shorts adorned with a leather belt. Bingi can be seen wearing a large dripleaf that protects their hair from upcoming rain, as well as serving the role of an accessory.

Bingi surveying the area of the Celestiae capital, Lunaria.


Bingi was abandoned in the Thorn River next to The Scarred Hallow at approximately one-year-old and was later found by Melphor Fynnsea, who took them in as her own. They grew up sheltered by the outside world, their mom terribly worried by her own experiences that the harsh land of Alathra would be too much for the innocent child. However a few months after the two moved to Zodara, a settlement in Prsata, Melphor disappeared with no prior telling to anyone where or why they left, leaving Bingi alone and terribly unknown to this new world. Now they must learn how to effectively live, as well as take on a burden of responsibility as a Starholder within the walls of Lunaria and Celestiae.


Bingi, quite plainly struggling with their new role as Starholder, took two months to meet a variety of different people. They bonded with the people under the nations of the Scarlet Sun Dominion, and The Chiefdom of Idrolia, largely based around their friendship with Melphor, whom Bingi had grown to dislike after some time thinking about just how unreliable her parenting was. After reconnecting with Ines Nicosia and gaining close relations with Khimrie Bronzefin, an old friend of Melphor, they felt they had a pretty good list of people they could trust. However, a few months after Bingi's mother's disappearance, Khimrie too had disappeared, supposedly for six months. After several weeks of battling their growning insomnia, it seems as though luck isn't on their side. Waylin speaks with Bingi about a vision he had, of their mother, who not only spoke of a great danger to come to the Alathran Realm, but also how they escaped a ''Purgatory of ancient Gods.''


Adoptive Mother: Melphor Fynnsea

Step-mother: Moon Danl

Adoptive Father: Waylin Vartilian

Adoptive Brother: Benny Stormcall