Moria Confederacy

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Moria Confederacy
Flag of the Moria Confederacy as of 1/25/22.
Demonym Morian
Government Democratic Monarchy
 •  High King Shyren
 •  Jarl of Inuitis Apex
 •  Jarl of Camp Null Aethelrock
 •  Formation 23 December, 2021 

The Moria Confederacy was a nation on the continent of Moria.



The town of Goulrich was founded on November 29, 2021 by Shyren, a native Morian. The site was adjacent to the ruins of Camp Null, at the intersection of the territories of Encavia, Exodia, and Anvoltika. Over time, other Morians joined the settlement and helped it grow. Isolated and peaceful, Goulrich had little contact with outsiders. Shyren and their right-hand-man, Aethelrock, undertook excavations of Camp Null, learning bits and pieces of its history. Goulrich also made contact with the Soterian outpost to the south of Camp Null, forming an alliance with Soteria.


In late December, the young village was pulled into the greater world when the town of Charmont was revitalized. TylxrMD, former leader of the fallen nation of United Moria, returned to the continent and began rebuilding Charmont. Kade and Aethelrock, who had learned of TylxrMD through their excavations of Camp Null, contacted him. Through Tyler, Goulrich's leaders learned of the political climate on the continent. The governments of Exodia, Anvoltika, and Eschelle had collapsed. Encavia and Ashina, although holding large claims de jure, had little real power on the continent. The only nations with stable governments were Mineopolis and Nabilzahir, and even their power was negligible. After some discussion, it was decided that Moria should be united once again. On December 23rd, 2021, the Moria Confederacy was officially founded. The Confederacy at its founding consisted of Goulrich (High King Shyren), Charmont (Jarl Tyler), the Valley of Milton (Jarl Macky), and the Komodo Settlement (Jarl Larry Von Kipper). Roughly around this time, the nations of Brodesia and Anderm merged into the New Anglian Federation. Moria and the N.A.F. formed a strong alliance, despite their cultural differences.

Fall of Komodo

Only two days after the formation of the Moria Confederacy, one of its Jarls was denounced as a criminal. On December 25th, Larry Von Kipper, Jarl of Komodo Village, was banished from Moria for his undignified behavior. The residents of Komodo were left without a Jarl, and remain largely independent from the Moria Confederacy.

Llanybydder Point Joins

In January 2022, the settlement of Llanybydder Point formed. Its leader, Alamando, agreed to join the Moria Confederacy and became one of its Jarls.

The Valley of Milton Falls

Jarl Macky was killed by disease in January 2022. For several weeks, the citizens struggled to reorganize and appoint a leader. Ultimately, organization as a distinct political entity proved pointless and the citizens dispersed across Ezrael and the Magana Plains.

The Pueblo of Tzitɬan Joins

In early 2022, the Pueblo of Tzitɬan was built by a man named Dirt and his tribe. Dirt agreed to become a Jarl of the Moria Confederacy and watch over the Jalatt Desert.

Ezra Joins

In February 2022, Mayor Wombat of Ezra agreed to join the Moria Confederacy and become one of its Jarls. This helped the Confederacy keep a tight grip on the gold-rich mesas of Ezrael.

The Morian Purchase

The Moria Confederacy sells the southern half of their territory to Fossores. Charmont, Ezra, and Pueblo of Tzitɬan are placed under Fossorean control and their leaders lose the title of Jarl. The Moria Confederacy is left with Goulrich (under High King Shyren), Camp Null (under Jarl Aethelrock), and Inuitis (under Jarl Apex).

The Second Morian Purchase

The Moria Confederacy sells all of its remaining territory to TiirtaÄävot Jat following the death of its first king, Shyren. Jarl of Camp Null, Aethelrock becomes the next King. Goulrich remains an independent city, but falls soon after, causing the King to flee into the countryside.

Revival of the Kingdom of Moria

On the 19th of January 2022, the son of King Aethelrock, Aethelrock II, returned to Moria and began construction of a heavily fortified citadel which was to act as the new capital of the High Kingdom of Moria, of which he proclaimed himself King, despite controlling only a small peninsula on the northern coast.