New Pacitta

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New Pacitta
The flag/banner of New Pacitta
The flag/banner of New Pacitta
Etymology: Port City / Peace City
CountryArcadian Altanate
LanguagesArcadian, Elvish, Dwarvish, Mieseeliad
FoundedNovember 24 2021
Founded byFulkien
 • MayorFulkien
Population 12
Demonym(s)Pacittan, Pacittian

New Pacitta's Land

New Pacitta/Pacitta II is a small town in the Pacitta Territory of Arcadia, in the bottom left corner of Koganon.



New Pacitta was founded my a crazed elf from Gaushan named Fulkien(aka DarthFanatic) who moved in search of a new home.

He found a castle and settled near it, creating a town as he settled.

Original Pacitta

The original Pacitta was built in the top left corner of Gaushan, in a circular beach. It was not a long lasting town, as Fulkien (DarthFanatic) joined Elyria, and they asked him to be mayor of Kaer Nevura to watch it and keep a mayor of it.

The original land of Pacitta is highlighted in red

Sailing to New Pacitta

After Fulkien became mayor of Kaer Nevura, he fell asleep for many weeks and ended up being kicked off the town. Fulkien, now recollecting himself after being asleep while a war was happening, attempted to move back to his old home. He discovered it was inhabited by someone, so he went in search of a new home. After looking at some maps, he thought he had found the perfect replacement. It was uninhabited, unclaimed, and Braavos Keep was stationed right next to it. He had decided earlier that he wanted to join the nation Arcadian Altanate, so he got in his boat and sailed around the continent Gaushan, past his old home of Kaer Nevura, and towards the left bottom corner of Koganon.


Fulkien is the current Mayor as of Mar 22. The mayor is elected solely of a local direct democracy vote and is determined by such a vote. Being the only citizen, Fulkien was elected.

Fulkien, The mayor and creator of New Pacitta


While there is not many people who live in New Pacitta, it has a rich and powerful culture.


New Pacitta is the religious center of Paxism. Some beliefs and general principles of the religion are here:

  • Main God is Statera, created all life.
  • Meditating on Colors gives you insight into the world.
  • Evil God Stulprobus tries to blind you from the teachings of Statera with bad things.
  • Each Color gives different knowledge.

Ethnic Groups

There are two ethnic groups in New Pacitta:


The mayor of the town, Fulkien happens to fall under this category. Elvish culture is a little unknown to Alathra but Fulkien adds to it and holds his own view of it.


Perhaps the only Mieseeliad left, Mullrart still holds on to the Mieseeliadian culture, keeping it alive and out there.


Pacitta has many geographically important places, be it Political Geography or Physical Geography. Some of these places include:

Physical Geography

New Pacitta has many land features, from the Starry Lake at the center of Pacitta, to the Forest regions circling the lake. All of these regions are a part of this town and a part of the Pacitta Territory.

Land Features

  • Starry Lake Pacitta's main land feature is Starry Lake. The entire town of Pacitta is around the lake, or at least mostly all around the lake. Starry Lake is a lake that is at the center of New Pacitta. It was the building foundation of New Pacitta and is a major landmark in New Pacitta. Starry Lake gets its name from the mysterious glowing lights under the surface of the water.
  • The Forest Regions: The Spruce Region: The mainland of Pacitta is all located in a region of spruce forest. This is known as the Spruce Region and is the area that has all of the main buildings. The Birch Region: This Forest region is the area where New Pacitta's sheep farm and bee farm are located. It is also the location of Full'kann castle, Fulkien's own project where he will live in retirement.

Political Geography

New Pacitta's Political Geography is not as interesting as it's Physical Geography, but it is still quite fascinating.

Braavos Region

The Braavos Region is the region of town around Braavos Keep. In the future, the town plans to have most or all of the housing in this area, and to have most of the town governmental buildings there as well. The region will have a wall all the way around it in case of attack, and the keep will be at the center.

Important buildings:

The borders between the Braavos Region of the Pacitta territory and the Lorath Region.
  • Braavos Keep
  • Town Hall
  • Town Port
  • Town Horse Stables
  • Villager Trading Outlet
  • Housing
  • Casino
Braavos History

Loerath Region

The Lorath Region is the region of town outside of the walls of Braavos, and around Starry Lake. It was the area that Fulkien seeked to build his town in, but Mcats8's plans proved to be better than his and so he decided to build all of the main areas in New Pacitta in Braavos.

Important buildings:

  • Porthos Temple
  • Fishing Dock


New Pacitta's Economy is very basic. The industries make very little money, but for how small a town it is, it is very impressive.


Industries that New Pacitta Makes its wealth from are:

  • Mining - Most of New Pacitta's income is from mining. Different minerals and metals are sold for high prices and earn lots of money.
  • Agriculture - New Pacitta's Agriculture Industry is comprised of several different things; Wheat, Potatoes, Leather, Beef, Wool, and Sugarcane. These together build a strong agricultural system that works hand in hand with trading. Wheat is used to breed cows and sheep that produce wool, leather and beef, sugarcane is used to make paper, leather and paper are combined to make books, which are sold to villagers. Wool is also sold to villagers.
  • Trading - Trading is about 2/3 of New Pacitta's Economy. It provides the materials needed to Mine and Farm, as well as Log. it has advanced New Pacitta's technology, Government, and entire Economy.
  • Logging - Logging is a industry that completely works with trading. Wood is made into sticks that are sold to villagers for profits.



  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Wheat
  • Potatoes
  • Iron
  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Redstone
  • Coal
  • Lapis
  • Emeralds
  • Horses
  • Nether Wart
  • Cobblestone
  • Netherite


  • Andesite
  • Jungle Wood
  • Flowers
  • Saddles
  • Horse Armor